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Thread: Databases linked to Master Database
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    Default Databases linked to Master Database

    We have a master database that holds a lot of data. We want to migrate this to SQL. The issue becomes we do not know who all accesses this database and what other databases/processes have links to this database.

    What are your best way to determine what all connects to a master database? I can determine what this database is connected to, but have no idea what is connecting to this database if that makes sense.

    We could rename the master table, but with the large volumes of data people may not even realize this table is not being updated. I could put in VBA to capture who opens the database, but I still don't think that would let me know who already has connections to this database.

    Has anyone gone through this to try to determine what all links to a specific database?
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    Default Re: Databases linked to Master Database

    If you remove the database you will find out who uses it (or they will accept their fate and quietly go about things differently). That's the only good way I know.

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