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Thread: Reference another field using VBA
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    Default Reference another field using VBA

    I am trying to develop something in Access when you press a button, it brings up a msgbox (fine) and you enter a reference number.
    This then launches Outlook, and in the subject field enters the number you just entered into the msgbox (again fine)

    What I then need is to reference a field in that sheet to be displayed alongside the reference number.

    So, for example I enter reference "1432". The Field I want is called Description (in a Table/Form called "Sheet5". It is the 3rd field in the design aspect (data imported from Excel) - how do I reference this in the VBA Code please?

    Private Sub Command332_Click()
    Dim oLook As Object
    Dim oMail As Object
    Set oLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set oMail = oLook.CreateItem(0)
     pwd1 = InputBox("Please Enter the Reference Number")
    With oMail
            .To = ""
            .CC = ""
            .BCC = ""
            .Subject = pwd1
            .VotingOptions = "Yes,;No"
    End With
    Set oMail = Nothing
    Set oLook = Nothing
    End Sub
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    Default Re: Reference another field using VBA

    If it is in the form you are clicking the button on then:

    .Subject = pwd1 & " " & me.description

    Should return the description value of the current record being displayed on the form.

    If it is in a table then you need a way to specify which record you want to return that value for.
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