Why is my Report Printing (VBA)
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Thread: Why is my Report Printing (VBA)
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    Default Why is my Report Printing (VBA)

    I've got the code below to save a report as a PDF at the click of a button. The button works fine, but whenever it is clicked, the report is also printed out. Does anyone know why this would be and is there a way to stop it from printing?

    Private Sub Command271_Click()
    Dim ReportName As String
    Dim URNCriteria As String
    Dim FileName As String
    Dim FilePath As String
    ReportName = "AgreementAVDF"
    URNCriteria = "Table1.[URN] = Forms![frm1]![URN]"
    FileName = "AgreementAVDF" & " - " & Me.[Company Name]
    FilePath = "\\scc01\Data\Backup\Folder 1\Folder 2\Folder 3\Agreements\" & FileName & ".pdf"
    DoCmd.OpenReport ReportName, acViewNormal, URNCriteria
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "AgreementAVDF", acFormatPDF, FilePath
    DoCmd.Close acReport, "AgreementAVDF"
    End Sub

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    Default Re: Why is my Report Printing (VBA)

    acViewNormal sends the report directly to the printer. If you only need to output it as pdf, you don't need to open the report. If you need to open the report but don't want to print use acViewPreview
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