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Thread: Form for Checklist
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    Default Form for Checklist

    I am struggling figuring this out and thought it should be something simple. What I want to do is create a subform in a main form that is a checklist that needs to be marked as pass, fail or n/a. I have a table that based on the product they select will show the appropriate checklist items. The products are the 7 columns after SortOrder and depending on what product they want, I can get it to show only the applicable checklist categories and checklist items, but cannot figure out how to go about having the form have a radio button for pass, fail and n/a or even a dropdown box with those 3 values. I have searched the internet for an answer and haven't had much luck other than one series of youtube videos, but I couldn't get it to work.

    My plan is to then write the record and selected pass/fail/na to this table and the recorded would be from the main form.

    Maybe I am thinking about this wrong or setting it up incorrectly, but cannot figure out how to do this task.
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    Default Re: Form for Checklist

    create a subform in a main form that is a checklist
    The main form is a check list? Then what is the subform for?
    The products are the 7 columns after SortOrder and depending on what product they want
    If you need to add a product, you have to add a field to your table? That indicates lack of normalization, which might be contributing to the issue. Radio (option) buttons have to be in a frame and obviously cannot be on a subform if that subform is continuous or datasheet. I find your description of what is and what's wanted somewhat confusing, and your links are to a SharePoint site?? Not sure how you expect anyone to be able to see that, but then again, I never learned much about SharePoint. That might explain why there's been over 200 views and no other replies.
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