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Thread: convert hh:mm:ss into total seconds

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    Default convert hh:mm:ss into total seconds

    I created a simple query to calculate the "incident duration" from an incident start (hh:mm:ss) and end time (hh:mm:ss) into minutes.

    In the query the expression I used was this...
    "Incident Duration: [Incident End Time]-[Incident Start Time]*24*60"

    The problem is I'm not getting the results i wanted. I'm getting the results it in dd/dd/dd/ hh:mm:ss format.

    Example of results Im looking for.

    If start time= 9:44:00 and end time= 23:00:00, result should be 796.00
    If start time= 11:38:27 and end time= 11:41:30, result should be 3.05

    Any ideas of what I can do?

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    Hi Avery,

    First of all, you will need some parentheses to make the expression you have calculate correctly. It should be:

    "Incident Duration: ([Incident End Time]-[Incident Start Time])*24*60"

    Of course, I'm assuming the start and end times in this formula are cell references.

    Secondly, you must format the cell to display the result not as a time or date, but as a simple number (e.g., "General").
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