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Thread: VBA Replace Function with WildCard

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    Default VBA Replace Function with WildCard

    I want to use the replace function in VBA to do a wildcard search. Seems like I've been able to do this before but am having the hardest time remembering how.

    x = "test"
    debug.print replace(x,"t*t","hi")

    still prints "test" instead of "hi"

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    I tried this:

    x = "t*t"
    debug.Print replace(x,"t*t","hi")

    and got "hi" returned. Which looks like it does not accept wildcards. I did not see any wiggle room for wildcards when I read the Help topic. Could it have been something that also incorporated the "Like" keyword?

    Sorry I can't help, but still wanted to encourage you to keep looking. It looks like it will be useful if you find a way to do it.

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