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Thread: Combo Box in Search Form
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    Default Combo Box in Search Form


    I have a combo box on my form that gets values from qryTypes and I would like to be able to use these values as a part of my search form. The values display correctly on the form however, I suspect that the code in the VBA below is wrong for cboSearchType.

    All I would like to be able to do is select a value from this drop down and include that as part of the search. So if I select Support in the drop down, I would like for the form to display all records with "Support" as the type.

    Could anyone assist me with fixing my below code?

        Dim strWhere As String
        Dim lngLen As Long
        If Not IsNull(Me.txtSearchNetworkID) Then
            strWhere = strWhere & "([NetworkID] Like ""*" & Me.txtSearchNetworkID & "*"") AND "
        End If
        If Not IsNull(Me.txtSearchFirstName) Then
            strWhere = strWhere & "([FirstName] Like ""*" & Me.txtSearchFirstName & "*"") AND "
        End If
        If Not IsNull(Me.txtSearchLastName) Then
            strWhere = strWhere & "([LastName] Like ""*" & Me.txtSearchLastName & "*"") AND "
        End If
        If Not IsNull(Me.cboSearchType) Then
            strWhere = strWhere & "([Type] = " & Me.cboSearchType & ") AND "
        End If
        lngLen = Len(strWhere) - 5
        If lngLen <= 0 Then
            MsgBox "No criteria", vbInformation, "Nothing to do."
            strWhere = Left$(strWhere, lngLen)
            Me.Filter = strWhere
            Me.FilterOn = True
        End If

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    Default Re: Combo Box in Search Form

    This part doesn't look right (in all of them)
    "([NetworkID] Like ""*" & Me.txtSearchNetworkID & "*"") AND "

    I added extra spaces so you can see the difference more clearly.

    "([NetworkID] Like '*' " & Me.txtSearchNetworkID & " '*' ) AND "

    Suggest you use temporary debug.print statments to see what you end up with whenever doing this. If it's sql, you can dump the entire statement into a new query to see if it runs. Problems are usually highlighted by the interpreter when they don't run.
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