I hope this is the correct forum to post this question in, I apologize if it should be in the Excel forum.

I am using Power View via Excel(2016) to display a bubble chart on an aerial photograph. I would like to add an image (.jpeg) that I can adjust the transparency to display on top of the aerial photo/bubble chart. I see how I can add a background image, but I donít see how to adjust the transparency or get it to display how I would like,it seems to anchor at the bottom left of my aerial map.

Alternatively, if I could embed the Power View image in a regular (non-Power View) Excel sheet that could be a work around, and I could display my image next to it, but it (the Power View image) doesnít want to copy and I eventually want to automate the tool, so snipping is not an option.

If you are aware of a totally different method (Excel-based is preferred), I would appreciate the advice!
Thank you!!