Using Power Pivot I have two tables I cleaned in Power Query

One is all Data for current open work that we have, each open work item has a unique work item number

I also have a table for time keeping that has anyone that has charged time to the open work item numbers. I created the relationship between the two tables obviously on the work item numbers.

The time keeping table has duplicates because multiple people on multiple days can charge time to the same work item number.

When I try landing the data in a pivot table I drag the employee name that has charged time to the open work item numbers.

For some reason it is bringing in every single employee in the company, not just the employees that have charged time.

I assume its an issue with the way I made the relationship. I cannot figure it out.

If I drag the hours to the value field of the pivot table it will show me the sum of hours charged to any work item number but as soon as I drag the employee names to the rows field like I said it adds in EVERY SINGLE employee not just the ones that have charged time to it.