I am starting to play with Power BI and am trying to do some conditional formatting on a matrix.

The measure that I have written works but has hard-coded values. The conditional formatting itself is being done on the measure using the rules of if value is 0 then colour white, if 1 then colour red.

Conditional Formatting = MAXX(Resource, IF(Resource[Grade]="Consultant"&& [Efficiency Measure] <=.95, 1, IF(Resource[Grade]="Managing Consultant"&& [Efficiency Measure] <=.75,1, IF(Resource[Grade]="Senior Consultant"&& [Efficiency Measure] <=.85, 1, IF(Resource[Grade]="Principal Consultant"&& [Efficiency Measure] <=.75, 1, IF(Resource[Grade]="Director"&& [Efficiency Measure] <=.60, 1 ))))))

Is it possible to have a lookup against the Resource table rather than hard-coded values?

Resource Code Resource Name Department Grade Utilisation
Consultant 0.95
Managing Consultant 0.75
Senior Consultant 0.85
Principal Consultant 0.75
Director 0.60

I have tried using,

IF ([Efficiency Measure] < Resource[Utilisation], 1, 0)
However, I get an error saying Utilisation is not a single value.

Any guidance will be gratefully received.