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Thread: returning desired rows

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    Default returning desired rows

    Hi all

    I am fairly experienced with excel and have a moderate degree of visual basic experience, but I am very new to excels query editor. I have a query that contains approximately 36000 records that tracks a work production system. It creates a record every couple of minutes of a production run. My question is this...

    I have a column that counts records, another that has a run number (there may be a hundred records all with the same run number) and other columns that have specific data to that run.

    Is it possible to filter the query so it shows only the final record for each run. So when the run number changes in the run id column, only show the last row entered (for every run). Usually I would work around this with VB, but this file is very large and my works network leaves alot to be desired, so efficiency is key here. I need the file to be much much smaller than it is with 36,000 rows in it.

    Any help would be much appreciated, and any more information can be provided

    Regards and thank you in advance

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    Default Re: returning desired rows

    try group by run number with max of date
    I know you know but I forgot my Crystal Ball and don't know what you know

    In the first post, show the type of machine (PC / Mac) and the Office version you are working on
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