I just starting using Power BI and i'm loving the tool. I have a question about following dataset (monthly load into Power BI)
date categorie account audittrail data
01.01.2019 Q1 Planning Input 15
01.01.2019 Actuals Actual upload 20
01.01.2019 RAF1 Actual upload 10
01.01.2019 RAF2 Actual upload 10
02.01.2019 RAF1 Planning input 15
02.01.2019 RAF2 Actual upload 12
03.01.2019 RAF2 Planning input 15

We run a monthly planning cycle. Each new planning cycle is save on a new category. Data from actual months is saved as actual in the category.

In a visual i want to compare my actuals with my planning values. Is it possible to exclude my actual values in de planning categories? If i don't do this i will see these values double... In my actual category and in my planning category. For example the planning category RAF1 contains actuals for the month january and planning for remaining of the year.

For me it's not possible to exclude these values at the source.

Hope you can help me!