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Thread: Trying to get a Net Sales rollup in PowerPivot
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    Default Trying to get a Net Sales rollup in PowerPivot

    I have a PowerPivot table similar to the following (obviously thousands more lines):
    P&L Category Amount Something else I may Pivot on
    Sales 100 A
    Sales 100 A
    Discounts 20 A
    Discounts 30 A
    Returns 10 C
    Sales 200 C

    I want to get a summary of Net Sales in a Pivot, which calculates to Sales - Discounts - Returns.

    Amount is also put into a PowerPivot Calculated Field:= SUM([Total Sales])

    I've tried to do something like this, but not getting the write results:
    =CALCULATE([Total Sales],AccountNameMatch[P&L Category]="Sales")
    -CALCULATE([Total Sales],AccountNameMatch[P&L Category]="Discounts")
    -CALCULATE([Total Sales],AccountNameMatch[P&L Category]="Returns")

    I don't quite get the result I'd like, or this is maybe too clunky of a way to do this. I also tried with a SUMX but that didn't work. I also will likely Pivot on A or C above to check (that would represent, say, customers.)

    I bet this is easy to the Daily PowerPivot user but I can't quite get it right. Any advice here?
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