I have 3 tables,

One is a workorder table that has the due date of some 300 workorders (obviously dates are repeated)

Second table is a supervisor table for dates that supervisors worked (again repeated dates)

Third table is a calendar table I created through PowerPivot

I am trying to merge the workorder table and the supervisor table through the use of the date table

When I make a pivot table I select the date from the Calendar table, I think select supervisor name from the supervisor table

Instead of just showing me dates that the supervisors worked it is showing me every date that is in the calendar table and every single supervisor that has ever worked is repeated under the date.

I have been trying to figure this out, I know the date formats are the same because I can run a DAX lookup formula and it will pull information over (creates an error that dates are repeating when I add multiple supervisors on the same day)