Hi all,

I have a set of data that provides information about which slides from a presentation (similar to web site pages) that has been shown at what position within each session. An example of the data structure is shown below:

SessionKey Slide Rank Slide Name
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 1 Frontpage
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 2 VTE: A Serious and Significant Threat
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 3 VTE claims many lives each year
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 4 What do you use for VTE prevention
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 5 Placebo 10 mg: One Tablet, Once Daily
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 6 MoA
001c162c-e85e-40ae-8da8-9e9cb06d35d7 7 Placebo 10 mg: One Tablet, Once Daily
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 1 Frontpage
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 2 Other safety outcomes at 2 weeks
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 3 Dependable Safety - RECORD1-3 POOLED
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 4 Simple Dosing and Administration
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 5 THR/TKR Benefit Calculator
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 6 How do you think about the e-detailing on the iPad
006c9163-f874-4ba5-8fa4-5a31d3711b7c 7 Other safety outcomes at 2 weeks

My question is whether it is possible within Excel/Power Pivot to make the needed calculations in order to visualize the data in the same manner as for example Google Analytics flow:

It doesn't have to be a chart, it can also be a table or hierachy of some sort - eg. like this example:

Regardless of the visualization type, the business need is to be able to see in which order the slides have been shown and how many times. E.g. Slide1 has been shown 200 times, from that 50 times slide 3, 20 times slide 4 and130 times slide 2 have been shown after slide 1 and so on:
Slides 1 (200)
Slide 3 (50)
Slide 4 (20)
Slide 2 (130)
Slide 5 (70)
Slide 6 (50)
Slide 4 (20)
Any thoughts and inputs are very welcome.