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Avoid circular conflict

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    Default Avoid circular conflict

    I am trying to to use data in one column in a second column, but running into a circular arguement. Is there any way to avoid this. My table looks like this

    PINVNo Customer No Service Code Line Type Code Service
    PINV000002 2000003 10000 Item 501720169 LUBE01
    PINV000002 2000003 10000 Service Code LUBE01 LUBE01
    PINV000002 2000003 10000 Item ENOCAS012B1 LUBE01
    PINV000002 2000003 20000 Item MOTSLOT MOT01
    PINV000002 2000003 20000 Service Code MOT01 MOT01
    PINV000002 2000003 30000 Service Code SUP01 SUP01

    I am trying to calculate the last column from the 5th column. The lines 10000 are all part of the service LUBE01, but the types are for parts (items) and the sale cost (service code). I need to group these together for other calculations.

    The code I tried is this

    [CODE]=IF( [Type]="Service code",
    VALUES('Posted Service Invoice Line'
                               FILTER('Posted Service Invoice Line',
                                             [PINVNo]=EARLIER([PINVNo]) &&
                                             [Service Code Line]=EARLIER([Service Code Line]) &&
                                             [Type]="Service Code"
    I thought the IF clause would exclude any rows where the circular argument would happen. Is there a way to write this please?

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    Default Re: Avoid circular conflict

    Using CALCULATE in Calculated Columns can cause circular dependencies as Alberto Ferrari and Gerhard Brueckl describe in their blog posts. Try reading them and you will probably find your answer.

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