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  1. error message: we could not get data from the data model. collection was modified


    I have an issue with saving Excelfiles that have a data model (PowerPivot) included. I can work with the file, refresh the data model and Pivots but as soon as I want to save I get the Excel...
  2. Re: Show ONE gross profit figure in ROW instead of column

    how about converting your pivot into CUBEVALUE Formulas (copy the pivot go to options-> OLAP tools -> convert to formulas). This converts all parts of the pivot in formulas in Excel cells.

  3. Re: Structure of Financial Forecast Model in PowerPivot

    I had a problem some time ago that is not exactly the same but goes in the same direction. Just have a look maybe it helps to get started.

    PowerPivot Forum • View topic - Measure vs...
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    Re: Return power pivot table value to cell

    thats interesting, the normal (and easier) way would be to have a description in a cell and return the value from powerpivot. If you need to return the descripton you need to get it first in the...
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    Re: Need help with a Powerpivot formula

    It can be done but the best way is probably to bring the data in a format that powerpivot likes more than the table above. Try to get a table with only 4 columns (Item, Year, Month, Value). Add a...
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    Re: Applying Filters to 'Groups of Rows'

    right click on a bracket in the pivot table and select filter->value filter -> Count of delivery > 200
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    Re: Measures and Date Slicers

    How about adding a weight table with one row per month instead of the fix 0.5 value in your formula ?
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    Re: VLOOKUP in PowerPivot

    There is no VLOOKUP in PowerPivot/Dax, the formula that is similar is called RELATED() but in most cases you do not even need that as the "lookup"-connection between your tables is already working...
  9. Re: Powerpivot across 4 tables each with a common field

    what you need is one table that is the lookuptable for SKU. This can be one of your 4 if this contains all possible SKU or a separate one. All other tables need a relationship to that SKU table. If...
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    Re: DAX Many-to-Many OR ?

    A few more details would help. At least I do not understand how this math should work. In your formula you do not describe any relationship to the 1st fact table, so it would show the same value for...
  11. Re: Keeping Blank Columns when applying a slicer to a table from PowerPivot

    Another option would be to use CUBE formulas instead of a Pivot for your overview report. This allows you to have a fix structure of your report that still works with slicers.

    Just select your...
  12. Re: PowerPivot, Data Models and Sharepoint. Validation of what's possible.

    I dont know if you can run Excelservices Reports other than with Web Parts. We use the Web Parts and its working :) Sharepoint is really complex and it took us a long time with our IT to get it...
  13. Re: PowerPivot, Data Models and Sharepoint. Validation of what's possible.

    Iam not really an Expert in this but you are right, if a PowerPivot is running in an Excel Web Part (aka Excel Services) on a Sharepoint Enterprise Server you can use all the slicer and interactions...
  14. Re: Specific lookup value from a table on the many side in a one to many relationship

    Have a look at this post on which describes a method to find a value based on a matchlist.

    “CONTAINSX” Revisited: What WAS the Match? PowerPivotPro
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    Re: Cell references in filters

    how about =CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel";A1;A2;...)

    In cells A1, A2, ... you can just enter your dates 2013-01-01,... which should work in most cases (if these values are uniqe in your model)....
  16. Re: Adding Annualized column to PP without it dupilcating after each column

    You can use a set (Options->Fields, items & sets->Create a set based on columns) to hide the annualized measure in all (pivot) columns beside the last one. This should also work for a user...
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    Re: grand total of a sub-column5

    Why you want to have this strange format ? If you put whiteorblack in rows your table is much easier to read and you automatically get your subtotals.

    If it has to be that kind of format for...
  18. Re: Is it possible to return a PowerPivot calculated column to an Excel table?

    You can return any datapoint from your PowerPivot data tables to an Excel cell with CUBE formulas. Just search a bit on that in the forum. To get started you can create a pivot with that calculated...
  19. Thread: Power Pivots

    by Tianbas

    Re: Power Pivots

    Dont think about PowerPivot as an improved Pivot table in Excel. Its a complete different tool that uses Excel as Interface. With PowerPivot you can build a kind of cube with data from different...
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    Re: Referencing Measure with Cube Function

    your CUBEVALUE works the same way as a pivot with only one measure in the values area and no filter. You need to add the filter as you do it in your pivot. Filter can either be a CUBEMEMBER Formula...
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    Re: Find second largest number in column

    Our IT has tested PowerPivot V2 and it would work with our Excel and BI but not with Sharepoint. So we decided to live with less DAX formula but can at least use the autorefresh and reporting of...
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    Re: Find second largest number in column

    have a look at the following thread from today

    you could use this method to flag the rows with the...
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    Re: PowerPivot sum smallest numbers

    please have a look at another post from today as this is more or less the same problem.
  24. Re: How to summarize earliest worked date per person?

    Add the following Calculated Column to your table to flag the row with the start date of the person
    =if(Table1[Work Date]=calculate(min(Table1[Work Date]),filter(table1,Table1[TK...
  25. Re: A CALCULATE SUM DAX question based on latest value

    I would go for a 2 step approach

    1) add a calculated column to your data table that shows you what Doc No is the highest of the day
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