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  1. Re: Formula needed to convert a text based date to an M/D/YYYY format

    If your data is in A3, then
    =DATEVALUE(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(A3," ",", ",2),FIND(":",A3)-2))

    will return the excel serial date. The cell holding the formula can be formatted to your taste.
  2. Re: Dynamic range, conditional formatting, where second character in field is "e"

    Select all of column C and set Conditional Formatting with the formula

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    Re: Excel for Macbook Pro error

    The code uses Windows file path conventions. At the least you need to use Application.PathSeparator rather than "/" in your code.
  4. Re: Stopwatch Time Formula 1 second increments

    Format the cells with the custom format [hh]:mm
  5. Re: ComboBox List from Range that selects a range until last row


    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

    Me.DTPicker1 = Date - 190
    Me.DTPicker2 = Date

    'This is the code I want to look at.
    With Worksheets("Sheet1")
    With Range("A:A")
  6. Re: ERRORS in VBA FUnctions "InputBox" & "Select Case"

    I've added some parenthesis to your code

    TS = "A"
    Select Case TS
    Case (TS = "A"): Stop <-- Statement A
    Case (TS <> "A"): Stop
    Case Else: Stop ' <-- This is where this...
  7. Re: VBA Macro shortcut to "paste special formula"

    Yes, that's why I was asking how the user would indicate the source/destination ranges.
    There are three things the user needs to indicate, source range, destination range, "do it now" (as opposed to...
  8. Re: VBA Macro shortcut to "paste special formula"

    Something like

    With Selection
    .Offset(0,1).FormualR1C1 = .FormulaR1C1
    End With
  9. Re: VBA Macro shortcut to "paste special formula"

    The difficulty of your scheme is "where"

    Select source Range
    Select destination Range

    how do you want the user to designate the source and destination ranges.
  10. Re: VBA Macro shortcut to "paste special formula"

    Wouldn't this do what you want?

    destinationRange.FormulaR1C1= sourceRange.FormulaR1C1
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    Re: Pounds and Ounces subtraction formula

    Im curious how you deal with 10 ounce weights.

    As numbers, 3.1 = 3.10.
    So, when you convert these numbers to weights, does 3.1 represent 3 pounds 1 ounce or 3 pounds 10 ounces.

    (If Excel...
  12. Re: Determining number of segments based off time

    If your 66 is in A1, the formula =Ceiling(A1, 30)/30 should return the number of 30 minute incriments (rounded up).
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    Re: Macro help - Tab name changes daily

    Some days you have to change the name of the sheet. Some days not.
    It almost sounds like a macro would be more work than doing it manually.
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    Re: Shorten R1C1 formula for array

    One quick way would be to use Named ranges.
  15. Re: Macro Keybinds in different workbooks.

    You would specify the workbook in the macro name argument of the OnKey.
  16. Re: Macro Keybinds in different workbooks.

    You could put OnKey statements in the appropriate Workbook open/activate events.
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    Re: Sheet codename order in VBE

    I'm not sure what you mean by Excel ordering sheets in order of creation.

    This returns the sheet's codenames in the tab order (left-most first)

    Dim oneSheet As Worksheet

    For Each oneSheet In...
  18. Re: How to get in which range a value lies out of multiple ranges

    Its doable with VBA.
    If you don't know VBA, the formula approach (with one piece of data per cell) is the only way.
  19. Re: How to get in which range a value lies out of multiple ranges

    If you put this in A1:C4

    11 20 15
    21 30 25
    31 40 35
    41 50 45

    Then either
    =LOOKUP(48, A1:A4, C1:C4)
  20. Re: Calculate Userform Text box from other text boxes

    That routine would have to be called by event code for each of Textbox1 thru 18. It could be in the Change event, the AfterUpdate or BeforeUpdate events, but it would have to be in one event per...
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    Re: Making a Macro recognize Checkboxes

    If the checkbox is from the Forms menu (not ActiveX) then

    If Sheets("Sheet1").Shapes("Check Box 1").ControlFormat.Value = xlOn Then
    MsgBox "checked"
    MsgBox "not"
    End IF
  22. Re: If Statements Based on Number of Decimal Places?

    Something built on this might work for you
    =IF((100*A1)=INT(100*A1),"2 or fewer D.P.", "other")
  23. Re: Putting speech marks and comma after pasted range

    Have you tried

    Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B" & (DstRowOffset + ColNo + 1)).Value = CHR(34)& Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(RowNo, ColNo).Value &CHR(34)&CHR(44)
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    Re: vba syntax error with passing string

    Remove the quotes from the first range argument

    Lweek.Range(PCA_Address).Value = WeeklySh.Range("C15:J15").Value
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    Re: VBA to fill formula

    How about

    Range("E7:E5000").FormulaR1C1= "=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(RC[-3], Instruments!R3C2:R40C3, 2, False), 0)"
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