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  1. Protecting All Workbook and Macro from users

    I have a workbook with 10 worksheets, other than one, all the rest are hidden. They will unhide by macros as required.
    I have protected the individual worksheets, the VB Editor and the Workbook.
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    Re: Problems protecting Worksheet with VB

    Thankyou so much for your assistance, the code works perfectly, a job very well done.

    Barrie Bowdler
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    Problems protecting Worksheet with VB

    I have the following code in "This Workbook" which works fine up to the point that it does not re-protect the active sheet. Any ideas why not:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
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    Date stamp onto Worksheet

    I have an Excel Spreadsheet that I would like the date it is first opened to be inserted into a cell. I do not want the date to be updated if the file is subsequently opened and/or saved.
    Is there...
  5. Displaying date in correct International format

    I am using Excel 2002 - I have received a worksheet with various dates keyed in by a colleague in USA. For example one of the dates is shown as "12/10/02" which should be viewed at "December 10th,...
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    Re: auto gererated number when sheet opened

    I am trying to do exactly the same thing and, like my colleague, an not experienced in VB but trying to apply and understand it.

    I am using Excel 2002. I have cell R4CV in my worksheet which...
  7. Re: Protecting Macro Toolbar selection in Workbook

    You are quite right, I had not chosen the correct VB Project. I have no re-tried your instructions and it has worked fine. Thanks so much - Barrie Bowdler :-D
  8. Re: Protecting Macro Toolbar selection in Workbook

    thanks for the information. I tried what you suggested but upon saving and re-entering the file, I can still read the macros which will show the password I have entered into the code. Any other...
  9. Protecting Macro Toolbar selection in Workbook

    I have hidden and protected my workbook using the "Protect Workbook" command and included the password within the macro. The 'edit' facility in the Macro option in the drop-down Toolbar still...
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    I would like to know if I can bold,italic etc...

    I would like to know if I can bold,italic etc either a letter, word or entire phrase within the TEXT - Concatenate function. An example is shown below. For example how could I make the figures only...
  11. Thread: CONCATENATE

    by Bowdlerb

    Within this formula, how can I bold specified...

    Within this formula, how can I bold specified letters or words. I can dates and number format Ok but not text bolding or italics etc. Can you help?

    Barrie Bowdler

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