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  1. Re: Rename Worksheets Using "Master" Worksheet

    Snakehips...thank you so much. Yes, I did want to preserve my that data on the spreadsheets. It worked like a charm...I am so excited right now...:) I really appreciate it.
  2. Re: Rename Worksheets Using "Master" Worksheet

    I have added the URL to the spreadsheet. I hope this works. I downloaded the Forum Tools Add-in but could not get it to work properly. Column A shows what I want the worksheets to be renamed to....
  3. Rename Worksheets Using "Master" Worksheet


    I need to change the name of the spreadsheets in the Workbook using a "Master" list created in the same Workbook. I tried to use the VBA below but got a 400 error code. I appreciate any...
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