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  1. Power Query - Filter Table Based on Distinct Conditions from List

    In this video, Mike uses a list to extract rows from the Start table that DO NOT include anything from the list.

    Is the opposite possible?
    If it's...
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    Re: How to fix these dates?

    I uploaded the spreadsheet again.

    A2:A6 shows dates in MM/DD/YYYY format
    A7:A9 is in DD/MM/YYYY format but Excel doesn't recognize them as dates.

    When I sort, this is the output.
    Looking for...
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    Re: How to group this in Pivot Tables

    Beautiful. Thank you Sandy, I appreciate it :)
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    How to fix these dates?!AvjBsEPEq12ngTwwKMwIFJo5_Tk7?e=J87rl6

    How best could I go about fixing this column so that it shows dates.
    The bottom half is in text format.
    Thanks all.
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    Adding cells in Pivot Table!AvjBsEPEq12ngTsi8XTPb5NMJ1_h?e=YIGtSL

    I wish to add the total for B and C in the Pivot Table like in cell D6.

    Suppose I update my PV and more data is added.

    How do I make...
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    How to group this in Pivot Tables!AvjBsEPEq12ngTpjIV0Ri5AcMKZa?e=0sU8cn

    I have a table of data.
    First column = company names.
    Other columns = invoice amount aging by days
    E.g. column B = 1 - 010 means...
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    Is this merge possible in PQ?

    Hey folks,
    Suppose I create two queries for the two tables in my spreadsheet!AvjBsEPEq12ngTmYWfZW_bAjU4w7?e=9d2PBI

    Is it possible to somehow merge them as per my example?
  8. Re: Merging two queries in Power Query: find "M00123" using lookup value of "123"

    It is what I want but I'm trying to understand the functions. You combined several functions into one applied step. That's great, but as a beginner, kinda hard to learn from it and apply it/practise...
  9. Re: How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)

    No, I mean how did you get your output in your post 4 .
    What you described is for post 5 , which shows top/bottom 10 vendors filtered by grand total.

    Your output in post 4 shows top/bottom 10...
  10. Re: Merging two queries in Power Query: find "M00123" using lookup value of "123"

    Have updated workbook in the link with Sandy's code

    In the Merge query, the last Applied Step has the below code:

  11. Re: How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)

    Hi Sandy,
    How did you create your first result?

    This is how I did it, but it felt 'messy'/unorganized:
    I created a pivot table for each sheet
    Filtered to Bottom 10 for each. So now, I have...
  12. Merging two queries in Power Query: find "M00123" using lookup value of "123"

    I have a table in Sheet1 (query1) which has vendor numbers and invoice numbers
    Sheet2 (query2) is the data table and has vendor numbers, invoice numbers, amount, paid dates

    I want to load both as...
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    Not calculating in a pivot table

    I have a table of data with three columns:
    - company code
    - company name
    - sales

    When we use Pivot Tables, we would drag, say, Company Code to the rows field and Sales to the total field. But...
  14. Re: How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)

    If I wanted to find top 10 expenses for each year, which option would be the recommended one: power query or pivot tables?

    I tried pivot tables but I'm pretty sure I am not doing it very...
  15. Using IF formula to "find" 123456 in INV123456!AvjBsEPEq12ngTWjooUrD2AsRCFa?e=myH4Mi

    I am doing an IF formula to see if A1 equals any of the values in C1:C3


    When I hit F9 to evaluate...
  16. Re: Number vs text format using MATCH function

    Hi Ahoy,

    Thank you, that's exactly what I needed. I appreciate it.
  17. Number vs text format using MATCH function!AvjBsEPEq12ngTMpaLVtqgZcYXLI?e=Hm2JrH

    I am trying to do a Match lookup.
    The value I am looking up could be in text or number format.
    The search value can also be in text or...
  18. How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)!AvjBsEPEq12ngTEmm7uG4pZsIFot?e=oA9EZo

    I have three tables of information. Each table has these columns:

    - Year
    - Vendor Number
    - Expenses

    How would you arrange the info...
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    Convert PDFs into text?

    So we receive hundreds of invoices from our customers every day.
    The invoices are in pdf format but such that you can select the text and copy and paste etc
    Is there a way to convert multiple pdfs...
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    Re: Calculating (12 threads) problem

    Hi Michael,
    I suppose I could use the COUNTA function. Actually, I didn't quite think of that until now.

    Also, with regard to my Excel freezing up every now and then, I think it was a computer...
  21. Re: Copy/paste macro so that it works for active sheet

    Also, would it help things to convert the data in SecondWorkbook to a table (say, Table2)?

    FWIW the data in LastSheet of FirstWorkbook should maintain table formatting (Table1) for my formulas on...
  22. Re: Copy/paste macro so that it works for active sheet

    Hi Fluff,

    Thank you for the code, I appreciate it :)

    My sheets (Sheet1, Sheet2..) in FirstWorkbook have formulas that reference the data from LastSheet (which is where we are pasting the data)....
  23. Copy/paste macro so that it works for active sheet

    Sub TEST()
    ' TEST Macro
    '(Deleting whatever data is in LastSheet)

    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
  24. Re: How to transpose(?) column to desired output

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for this awesome solution, I appreciate it :)
    This is something I will be using many times a week. Simply amazing.
  25. Re: Lookup a value, if there is a corresponding text value, then...

    Thank you, that works perfectly for me.
    I was looking for the: <>0 in your formula.
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