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  1. Re: If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...

    Thanks for being such a source of knowledge and inspiration.

    RIP Chip
  2. Re: Check In a Workbook Without Closing

    I stumbled upon this situation too.

    What I ended up doing was:

    1) Create a global variable to check if the closing event came from the CheckIn at the top of a module:

  3. Re: Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    This is what I get
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    Re: Archive from a table

    Hi, in what line you get the error?
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    Re: Basic userform problem


    Maybe if you put a screenshot of the current form design it'd be easier to help you out.
  6. Re: Find and Replace across multiple rows and sheets

    You can try to put the formula in Sheet 2 cell B1: = Vlookup(A1;'Sheet 2'!$A$1:$B$12;2;FALSE) and copy it to the cells below.
  7. Re: Can't get both codes to work when both are active


    this should get you started.

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

    ' Check if more than one cell is affected
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    Re: Textbox Value to Double

    Try this:

    Dim MNLActualPerf As Double

    txtMNLActualPerf.Text = "11.15%"

    If InStr(Me.txtMNLActualPerf, "%") > 0 Then
  9. Re: Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    Thank you Matt, did you manage to find whats the new commandbar name?
  10. Re: Queries and Connections Pane via VBA?

    Hi, I'm using Excel 1807 (compilation 10325.20082) and when I use this code the pane opens, but is blank (used to work before). Does anybody know if there is something to be changed? anybody else...
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