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  1. Re: How can one resize the task list in a taskFormGroup in the Backstage?


    I found two properties that might help: FirstColumnMaxWidth and FirstColumnMinWidth. Not sure if they will do, but it's worth a try. Found here and here
  2. Re: Can I make this equation easier?

    You were close, try this

    =IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"715","717","718","94"},$G1)))," -1"," ")

    but enter it with Ctrl + Shift + Enter, not just Enter.
  3. Re: Lock/Exclude in Binary Constraint

    If I understand you correctly, in the "Output" column, which starts in C2, I put the following formula:


    Then in C9 I put the total of the column

  4. Re: Lock/Exclude in Binary Constraint

    Yes, if you set A1 to be a binary constraint, it will be used by Solver, and if your model depends on B1, then the formulas will autocalculate and Solver will see that.
  5. Re: Lock/Exclude in Binary Constraint

    From here you can see that a binary constraint is one that can either take a 1 or a 0. So, you can keep your L / X, but use them in a separate cell. In other words, you need two cells: One, say A1,...
  6. Re: VBA: How to store a reference to an Object type within the Object type

    Hey Zack... it's all Tracy's fault. You can blame it on her.
  7. Re: VBA: How to store a reference to an Object type within the Object type

    There must be something I'm missing, because I don't see how you get a stack overflow error. Here's what I coded


    Option Explicit

    Private m_mother As CPerson
    Private m_father As...
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    Re: Understanding Classes

    Here's something that might help you.!topic/microsoft.public.vb.enterprise/lmDvTaTpKQQ
  9. Re: Transfer Userform label value to Sheet as Currency

    Not sure if you're using a formula or entering the text in the cell directly. If the first, you need to use the TEXT() worksheet function to format the value (34.44) as currency. If you're doing it...
  10. Re: Symbols for Macro Buttons - Ribbon Customization

    Not that I know of. You can customize the ribbon with Ribbon XML, which allows you to use custom images, but there's no "icon editor" as there was before.
  11. Re: Can CommandBars and Ribbon code co-exist?

    For the Ribbon, you need an XLSM or XLAM file. If you can get your 2003 users to install the addin that allows them to open those files, then you can have one version, if not, then no, a separate...
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    Re: Query Assistance

    Something like this maybe?

    SELECT [Location], X, COUNT(X) AS CountOfX
    FROM TempQuery
    WHERE [Region] = "Madagascar" AND X IN ("N", "Y")
    GROUP BY [Location], X
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    Re: VBA: SaveSetting limitation?
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    Re: Pivot Table Change Event in VBA

    You can try some of the files that are available here:

    For example, PT0021 or PT0025.
  15. Re: XL97 to XL2010 help on VLookup and Match

    That "D5" in the MATCH formula is invalid. Not sure what Excel 2000 is doing, but it can only be a -1, a 0 (most likely what you need) or a 1.
  16. Re: Folder Search Location Using VB

    You can use ChDir to change the current active directory, which will be used when the GetOpenFileName is executed.
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    Re: Parse JSON with Excel VBA

    You need to import the "JSON.bas", "cJSONScript.cls" and "cStringBuilder.cls" to your project.

    Go to Tools | References and add a reference to the "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" library and to the...
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    Re: Parse JSON with Excel VBA

    I'm using this:

    And has been working great.
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    Re: strange IE history behaviour

    I never use IE, so I had it easy to check... I even cleared the history before checking. And no, I didn't get it.
  20. Re: How can I force a line break in a single cell?

    You can use


    but you do need to enable WordWrap.
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    Re: Linking Outlook to Excel

    You need to add the reference to Microsoft Outlook using Tools | References...
  22. Re: How to change row color based on value of 1 cell

    You can use Conditional Format for that, something along these lines:
  23. Re: Where do I find MrExcel Icon ??

    That's what's used for the favorites. Not sure why Win7 doesn't use it anymore.
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    Re: Trigger Event

    Unfortunately, no.
  25. Re: How to ignore auto_open() when Workbooks.Open

    Actually, the Auto_Open doesn't run automatically when you open a workbook through VBA. Only the Workbook_Open() event fires.

    If that's what you are using, then put

    Application.EnableEvents =...
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