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    Re: Filter by Select All

    Question 1 use currentregion.
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    Re: Macro to Filter in PIVOT Table.

    Weclome to the forum,

    WHat version of Excel are you using as you could consider using Slicers.
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    Re: Transferring data from a user form

    Welcome to the forum. Behind the command button you can add something like this:

    Sheets("Sheet to goto please change the name here").Activate
    Range("The cell").Value = Me.TextBoxName.Value...
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    Re: Vba changing the reference column year

    Good to read you have a solution that works for you.
  5. Re: Personal workbook macros and macro modules and macro calls

    Since 2007 the personal workbook has a file extension of .XLSB, what version of Excel are you using and have the macros been added in the Personal Workbook from an old version which you kept the...
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    Re: reports in Access

    You should set this up as a query in Access, you can set your parameters from there and if required create a report from the query.
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    Re: Vba changing the reference column year

    Record a macro to use find and replace, that should pick up 2018 and replace with 2019. Then you have the code
  8. Re: Send email with hyperlink in body referenced from cell

    Welcome to the forum, you would probably need to use .HTMLBody rather than .Body, then you can set the link up, a basic example can be found maybe with this thread:
  9. Re: Have excel send an email to Outlook if something is due

    In VBA click in the routine (below the first line) and then try the run button.
  10. Re: Have excel send an email to Outlook if something is due

    Try this out. Somethings you will need to change and I have commented them.
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    Re: Unhide columns - does not work?

    Yes you should be able to do all on one sheet, but if your having unhide issues then consider what I have suggested. A good dashboard idea is interface with slicers and pivots keeping the source data...
  12. Re: Add attachment to email and copy a range into email body

    What have you tried to combine the 2 procedures?
  13. Re: Have excel send an email to Outlook if something is due

    Welcome to the forum ChrisME. Im not sure if you have a solution, but can you provide a little more information:

    What is the name of the worksheet that holds the information
    Which column has the...
  14. Re: Macro to prompt user to select a table from a list

    You could use a userform and combo box to list the tables, once the form is displayed they can select from the combo box to select the table they need to view. Example code to list tables from a...
  15. Re: is there a way to keep a pivot table's fields visible?

    Could you look to setup freeze panes?
  16. Re: Copy content from word to excel using exel VBA

    You could setup a couple of bookmarks in the Word document and then use the following code to copy between the bookmarks and then paste into excel. The example is using the reference object to Word...
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    Re: Unhide columns - does not work?

    Move the Chart and Slicer to another sheet then you could hide the worksheet that has the data on it and then you can unhide when you need to.
  18. Re: neophyte needs query help - omit paramerter value request window

    Not sure if you have resloved this? Have you tried a make table from the first query and then use the results as building the second query.
  19. Thread: edit links

    by Trevor G

    Re: edit links

    Which version of Excel are you using? If using 2013 or greater there is an addin called inquire and this will find links and mucu more. Here is a youtube link, there are loads you can watch....
  20. Re: Access Form data Input partial clearing of fields

    You need to look at a relational database this sounds as though it is a single table (flat database). Consider this, one patients main details in a table and then all the treatment and medication is...
  21. Re: change colur of whole row dependant on cell value help

    Try this but I would suggest if you do the entire row you are adding a lot of memory to the workbook and if you print all unused cells will look to be printed as well
  22. Re: Access Form data Input partial clearing of fields

    Do you have autonumber field and is it set to primary for the records as you can't duplicate the autonumber, what are the field names you want to clear?
  23. Re: Open a external program and use it from Excel

    Look at Shell command to open a program. Read this article

    Look at SendKeys to do the other
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    Re: Save As Button

    I have created the following code and it works:
  25. Re: Macro to open workbooks then update, then close

    Thanks for the reply and I hope it works for you.
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