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  1. Re: pie chart colors same as data inside pivot table chart

    Here is a copy of my code. It includes a couple of test routines:

    Option Explicit
    Sub ColorPies(strColorSource As String)
    Dim cht As ChartObject
    Dim sh As Object
    Dim i As Integer
  2. Re: Print as PDF then add to a selected existing PDF

    All that you originally wanted is possible using the VBA API within PDF reDirect. However, you would need a good understanding of VBA to be able to do so. I know that I would be able to easily do...
  3. Re: Print as PDF then add to a selected existing PDF

    A long time ago I used the professional version of PDF reDirect from VBA:
    May be worth check this out.
  4. Re: Windows 10 seems to be crashing VBA Macro whilst running

    Could you have screen updating turned off in the code, with the code that switches it back on not being reached when the failure occurs?
    Is Win 7 running 32-bit with the Win 10 running 64-bit? Do...
  5. Re: Excel 2010 - Dynamic Charts - Issue with OFFSET Function

    Try using Dynamic Names.
    This may help you with the solution:
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    Re: VB Code is gone! Job on the line

    Have you tried starting Excel and then using File/Open to look to see if the option "Recover Unsaved Workbooks" provides a solution?

    If this is on a work server, the company should be taking...
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    Re: time format auto change

    Perhaps you could apply a Custom Format to the cell?
    hh:mm "(" h:mm AM/PM ")"
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    Re: VBA what is wrong

    If you debug/compile or add "Option Explicit" you will find that you have not declared "anArray".
    You did not say what appeared to be the problem you were having, so I am just guessing.
  9. Re: Need to open all .xlsm files in folder, but not at the same time, automatically.

    More code and info:

    Dim strFilearray() As String
    ' Add other required variablea here
    Erase strFilearray
    strFilearray = GetFilesInFolder(ADD FOLDER NAME HERE, True)
    For lngArrayKount =...
  10. Re: Need to open all .xlsm files in folder, but not at the same time, automatically.

    I will try to help the best that I can but please be aware that I have an illness that makes it difficult to find much time writing VBA code and I do have many other things to do.
    However, to start...
  11. Re: Need to open all .xlsm files in folder, but not at the same time, automatically.

    The following code (tested with Excel 2016) will extract a list of files from a folder and/or sub-folder:

    Option Explicit
    Const cstrModule = "modFunctions"
    Private strFiles() As String...
  12. Re: Copying data from multiple worksheets of Multiple files into master file

    What are the "real" names of the worksheets?
    Are they "Worksheet A" etc.? If so, can they be renamed?
    What version of Excel is being used?
  13. Re: Formula uses more levels of nesting than allowed

    Will resubmit this later
  14. Re: Formula uses more levels of nesting than allowed

    Hello and welcome to The Board.
    You did not say which version of Excel is being used.
    I would guess that it could be pre-2007 where the limit was 7 nested IF statements.
    At 2007+ it would be 64....
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    Re: Excel Equation Help

    The following MrExcel Podcast may help:
  16. Re: Help..macro running deadly slow - Subtotal and rows delete

    In addition to "ScreenUpdating", you need to set calculation mode to "Manual" and turn off "EnableEvents" (remembering to turn them back on at the end of the process).
    Recalculation could be slow if...
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    Re: Extract a number from a string

    First you need an extra argument to the formula:
    The following should convert the result to a number:
  18. Re: VBA - Macro runs v slow!! Takes 8 minutes to complete !

    Are you using any volatile functions?
    Have a look at the following:
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    Re: Srror 462 on second go

    Perhaps you are not releasing all the objects that have been created (e.g. objselection).
    The following may also be of interest:...
  20. Re: insert picture which takes the file name from specified cell

    Does the following link seem like a possible solution?
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    Re: Access Excel Connection

    Depending on how easy it is to select the required records in Access, I would consider creating an Access Query and then "link" that Query to Excel as an Excel table. The linked data could then be...
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    Re: Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table

    Hello and welcome to The Board.
    Conditional formatting the cells in a pivot table is likely to give incorrect results.
    Here is a MrExcel podcast from some time ago but the solution, to this...
  23. Re: want to delet greater than 3, loop not wroking taking long time

    It may help to give an answer if you could you post the code that you are using, please.
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    Re: advanced excel pdf/website

    Post 3 on the following page may help:
  25. Re: vba application using access database BAD CHARACTER

    I wonder if the CLEAN function will solve your problem?
    That function removes non-printable characters.
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