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    Why is my Excel shutting down?

    I've been running the same macro-enabled spreadsheet almost daily for years...well, this one happens to grab NHL stats. I'm using Office 365.

    Last night I had run a different spreadsheet using the...
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    Re: Excel 64 bit issues

    I'm not sure re the former, but I guess unless it happens again I'll never know.

    re a reference problem, please explain? I didn't change the file nor its location during or after the upgrade to 64...
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    Excel 64 bit issues

    I know this isn't the normal type of question for this forum, but I wasn't sure where else to ask.

    Recently I had an issue where research indicated I'd benefit from changing to the 64 bit version...
  4. I can't get rid of Smart DNS proxy in my macro!

    OK, so I've been running macros in this spread daily literally for years (well during the hockey season) with no trouble
    All of a sudden I keep hitting Smart DNS other words, when I run...
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    Re: Is Index Match my answer here?

    Thank you both, a big help!
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    Is Index Match my answer here?

    OK, so I've got a table similar to below and I'm looking to create a formula where if a dollar amount is input into a cell and a number 1-6 is input into another cell, an amount is multiplied by the...
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    Re: Fuzzy Matching - new version plus explanation

    doesn't work as in John and John & Co doesn't result in a fuzzy match?
    The last digit in your formula is the percentage of characters- i.e. if it was something like (a1,data!b:b,1,.85) it would be...
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    Re: Dim rng AS Range more than once

    Data is from a csv exported from an online database- so could be both.
    I've gotten around this by using the longer dim rng coding in separate macros, but would prefer to know cleaner ways to do this...
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    Re: Dim rng AS Range more than once

    Then I run into "Unable to get the SpecialCells property of the Range class" unfortunately
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    Dim rng AS Range more than once

    OK, maybe I'm just not awake enough today, but I also should know more VBA than I do

    I'm using VBA to delete entire rows if a specific column/cell is blank- that part is fine.
    I'm using Dim rng...
  11. Is there an easy way to find destination worksheets?

    I created a master file for a myriad of templates to draw information from.
    On that file I kept a list of what files were drawing what information, but someone inadvertently deleted a portion of...
  12. Unprotecting a workbook that shouldn't be protected

    Office 2010 on a state gov't with some limitations

    A file we have protected on our end came back from a vendor protected by them- in other words, our password no longer works on their...
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    Re: "," in 1000's place

    so what you're trying to accomplish works but for getting the Lbs added?
    For one, no need to concatenate twice- &" Lbs" would suffice, but not sure that's your issue.
  14. Re: vlookup formula with dynamic cell reference

    Yeah, I can't chance that, being on a government network drive and all.

    I was hoping to be able to do this for ease of maintenance, but also because I could use it in creating a dashboard to move...
  15. Re: Looking to easily sum up the total per room

    I was thinking so when I typed this, but now not thinking how........without adding a column.
    Can you add a column beside the room column, do left(A1,3) to get room only in that new column, then use...
  16. Re: Looking to easily sum up the total per room

    Maybe I have this backwards, but are you talking about summing each unit column by room? i.e. 3rd column total for R01 is 225?
    If so, could you not have R01, R02 etc in a list/table then combine...
  17. Re: if column b* contains "october income", then fill current cell with $ amount in same row that contains "october income" with column h data

    Am I oversimplifying your question in asking if you can't just use a simple vlookup formula?
  18. vlookup formula with dynamic cell reference

    I'm building a spread that will pull information from another file on the network, but I'd like the file reference within the vlookup to be partially built with information in file containing the...
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    Web query issue

    I've had this spread I've used for literally years to pull in PGA golf stats- originally created pre-2003 I think.
    I've not changed it much, other than save it into new formats along the way,...
  20. Unprotect header in protected Word documents

    We have some templates at work, created by someone no longer there, that have various sections of the document password protected, including the header. I'm more of an Excel guy, so less adept with...
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    Re: How to compare two Rows?

    you mean, say in column B.... =if(A2=A3,"Yes","No")? or something more
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    Web query questions

    I've used web queries for years, but just never got around to improving my methods. Usually I'm grabbing sports stats from various web sites and often it's just minor tweaks to a couple formulas to...
  23. Help please- incomplete query refresh problem

    OK, so I work in government and we have these queries that get run every month in order to generate data to update various reports.
    Normal procedure has been to just keep reusing last month's to...
  24. Formula to split names, some with some without middle initial

    I need to compare lists of names that come in from 2 sources, neither of which I have control of and I need to make sure the names on the 2nd source are also on the first. The problem is, the control...
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    Re: pivot help please!

    My results page looks like this (not sure how this looks pasted here, but I'll give it a shot)

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