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  1. Re: VBA evaluation of defined name (involving INDEX)

    I'm verifying that only the first element is there in two different ways:

    - dragging the relevant Evaluate statement into the Watch window, and
    - trying a For Each through the array's elements,...
  2. Re: VBA evaluation of defined name (involving INDEX)

    Hi Rory, thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately that code pulls only the first element of the array.

    I also tried evaluating "INDEX(data, get_these_rows)", skipping the data_filtered named...
  3. Re: VBA evaluation of defined name (involving INDEX)

    Thanks Jerry. I like your use of the Dictionary object to get the unique values in the array.

    Some more background:

    As a general technique, I want to be able to give INDEX an array of rows to...
  4. VBA evaluation of defined name (involving INDEX)

    Excel experts,

    I'm trying to turn the value of a named formula into a VBA array.

    The defined name, data_filtered, holds all unique values appearing within a range:

  5. Re: Formula to pull highest possible value from a table

    If you want to take the highest-ranked player from a list of players not chosen already (assuming your players are already sorted in descending order based on some score, higher being better):
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I can't be the only one who has questions, so may as well start.

    If we get a few, I'll add them to this post.

    Question: what computers can be used in ModelOff (eg your own laptops)? Is a...
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