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  1. Re: How to Add a Start & End Date Calendar Boxs to Pwer Bi Dashboard?

    If you add a slicer to the date column, it should give you a slider that can be set to do what you want
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    Re: Add time since 1900

    This is pretty common. Just convert the seconds to days /60 /60 /24. You can then convert the days to a date by changing the data type.
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    Re: Drill down by Week

    Are you talking about power BI? Power BI has an auto calendar table, but it doesn’t drill to weeks. You will need to create your own calendar table. You can read my article here.
  4. Re: Adding multiple columns in Matrix columns

    It seems your images didn't post on either thread. This makes it difficult for people to help you. I recommend you see if you can sort that out as there are lots of people willing to help for free -...
  5. Re: Power Query - Remove duplicates from Folder Download

    At a guess.
    1 Add a new Merged column using the 3 columns to make a unique key
    2 branch the query and do a group by the key, distinct count of the file name
    3 filter where count >1. This is a...
  6. Re: Dynamic DAX calculation between two rows of same DAX measure (filtered rows)

    If the June and July cycle are actual sales up until June, why are the numbers different for periods Jan x Jun?
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    Re: Employee turnover calc

    This is a non trivial task. I suggest you read up on “events in progress” You need to be clear how the % turnover is...
  8. Re: Equivalent of DATESBETWEEN(LASTDATE... ?

    Datesbetween is an inbuilt time intelligence function. To use it, you must
    1. Have a calendar table.
    2. The first parameter must be the...
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    Re: Is Power Query what I need?

    +1 pq
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    Re: Eliminate zombie employees

    Yes, this helps. Creating sample data, loading into a model, making sure that the sample data is a suitable set to test etc, is all part of the process of solving a problem. These steps often take...
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    Re: Eliminate zombie employees

    DAX formulas always depend on the table structure. How about you post a typical sample workbook showing the structure and current formulas.
  12. Re: Which histogram formula is correct?

    The first one is counting the line level items, not the aggregation of all lines in a PO. Have you tried taking the first one, and replace “orders” with “values(orders[PO no.])”
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    Re: Missing report tabs

    Save, close power BI and reopen again. It is a known bug
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    Re: Page Navigation

    Search for “drill through filter power BI”.
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    Re: Count of new customers

    It is all here
  16. Re: PowerBI Dataflows (cant see it in the service)

    Probably because you are in “my workspace”. They only exist in App Workspaces.
  17. Re: Power Pivot CALCULATE vs. RELATEDTABLE

    Don’t do any of these. Use measures instead.
  18. Re: Members Upload Files to Workspace at

    I think the process is the same for V1 and V2.
    Click on Workspaces > to expand menu
    find the workspace, click on the ellipsis ...
    Workspace access
    you can add new users or change user access...
  19. Re: Expression Error: The key didn't match any rows in the Table

    The error means you are trying to do something, but it doesn’t exist. Eg it is trying to import a sheet called “sheet1” but there is no “sheet1” to be found in the table. If you are combining files,...
  20. Re: Assign a characteristic to a measure Power Pivot

    In short, no.

    I assume these mean cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheet. If yes, watch this video.
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    Re: Calculate with rows filter

    It depends on your table structure. If all 3 columns above are in the same table, just drags the ID and Name to rows of the pivot, drags the first column to values, and change he pivot table layout...
  22. Re: Members Upload Files to Workspace at

    Hi Mike. Are you using the new preview workspace format (v2)? This will be GA in a few weeks. Have you tried adding people as contributors? I think that will fix it.
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    Re: Doble condition

    then just replace the stock number with the date-time

    SOH =SUMX ( VALUES ( Stock[IdProduct] ),
    SUM ( Stock[Stock] ),
    FILTER ( ALL ( Stock[date-time] ),...
  24. Re: Matrix with DoD (trending data) w/ 7 Day and 14 Day volume change

    This is an asymmetrical matrix which is harder to do. You could probably do it using a disconnected table to pass the measures, similar to this....
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    Re: Doble condition

    It is nothing to do with Excel. I can't open your Excel workbook (it says it is corrupt), but I could copy it to Power BI. This is what you need to do.
    1. split the date and time into 2 separate...
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