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  1. Re: Formula or code for combines numbers with comma


    It would appear you asked this question here (and received an answer):

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    Re: Rounding with exponent

    Hi kpfoote

    Cross-posted here:

    I see you have already been given the run-down regarding cross-posting...
  3. Re: Data Query from WEB ( Unexpected Error)


    Per the forum rules please address your...
  4. Re: Using Macros, Hide (with password) and Unhide multiple worksheets

    Cross-posted here:

    @aduttonusa - Whilst do not forbid cross-posting here at...
  5. Re: Macro to choose file and add name to a cell

    Good job Tony. To get filename only use:

  6. Re: Macro to choose file and add name to a cell

    Hi Tony

    I don't know what an AMF file is but I am assuming it has amf extension (see filter in code below). The cod will display selected file name in message box but you can write it to a cell...
  7. Re: Dividing fractions into new cell

    If it's text you could try:

  8. Re: Vlookup - Look for a value in a filtered list

    Bu cross-posting I mean instances where you are asking the same question across multiple forums. In this instance it appears that you also asked this question on Excel Forum - the requirement is...
  9. Re: Reverse the order of the new worksheet

    To have it as the first sheet, use Before, instead of After, and reference Worksheets(1​)
  10. Re: Vlookup - Look for a value in a filtered list

    Cross-posted here:

    Hi Gemini and welcome to the board.

    We do not...
  11. Re: Pass Worksheet_Change Target Value to Userform

    You could also create a userform property to hold the value, or even reference the target range. For example, using a userform called UserForm1:

    Sample code in UserForm1:

    Private m_rngTARGET...
  12. Re: Loop through 2 columns and and return TRUE or FALSE if adjscent cells are matching.


  13. Re: cell set as range not recognized

    You haven't Set the range ;-)


    Set onedeg = ...
    Set onecon = ...
  14. Re: Transpose problem: produces zero results

    For what it's worth.
  15. Re: Limited to the amount of Locked Cells?


    I am not aware of any limits. I also didn't see any reference to locked cells here:...
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    Re: Sumif filtered criteria

    Welcome to the board!

    Example here:

    So in your case:
  17. Re: Excel spontaneously changes reference to linked workbook

    Cross psoted here:

    Per moderator reply at Excel Forum - we too...
  18. Re: Excel Power Query Automate Import of File Navigation


    Please stick with your original thread, per the forum rules. Post all...
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    Re: Vlookup from external workbook

    Keep in mind that the workbook will need to be open. INDIRECT will return #REF ! error if the workbook is closed. * Unless it has changed in Excel 2016 (untested).
  20. Re: Find week number based my current financial year start date in VBA/Excel

    Cross-posted here:

    Whilst we allow cross-posting here (most forums don't) we do...
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    Re: compare columns


    Public Sub IloveVBA()
    Dim rng1 As Excel.Range
    Dim rng2 As Excel.Range
    Dim rngCell As Excel.Range
    Dim strJustynasFormula As...
  22. Re: how to change colour of cell if anything is entered in textbox


    Remove the = ""

    If Len(TextBox14.value) = "" Then
  23. Re: how to change colour of cell if anything is entered in textbox

    You could check that the length of the text in the TextBox is not 0:

    If Len(TextBox14.Value) Then
  24. Re: DATEVALUE in Excel, handy tips?


    What version of Excel are you using?

    Assuming I understand your question, both WEEKNUM and WEEKDAY functions support unnatural selections, although I cannot recall when this came in to...
  25. Re: Parsing a formula: qualify sheet for all range references

    Wonderful - thank you Pedro! Very cunning workaround and it seems to be working a treat!
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