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    Re: Rearranging Data in Excel

    Odin, Sandy, and Marcelo... all very helpful. Both strategies worked. And I learned something new with Power Queries. Cheers!
  2. Re: Searching for a more efficient way of transposing my data from rows to one row

    first copy all the data in that column. then go to the row you want to paste, and paste special transpose... after copying the data, hit alt, h, v, s, e and then enter
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    Rearranging Data in Excel

    Hi, all. I have a table where I need to rearrange the data. The below is a small sample size. The real table is about 100 rows and 700 columns. The first table is what it looks like now, and the...
  4. Re: delete a row with duplicate data in 2 columns

    This works perfectly mumps! Thank you so much!!!
  5. delete a row with duplicate data in 2 columns

    I've searched, but couldn't find a solution to my problem. Basically, I have a sheet and I would like to delete the entire row if the data in column G is the same as that in column H. The data is...
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