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  1. Exception thrown: (Excel.Series)myChart.SeriesCollection(1)

    Hallo there,
    why the following line in C#

    Excel.Series mySeries = (Excel.Series)myChart.SeriesCollection(1); throws the following exception

    Exception Type: ...
  2. Excel : SeriesCollection : Purpose and usage

    Hi there,

    how do you work with
    Excel.SeriesCollection ? What is the purpose of it ? Why there is only an Add() method, and no Delete() method ?

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Re: Excel : Reference : Object Model explained ?!?

    Apart the first question:

    is also important.

    Here an example for the 2nd question:
    I cannot find any methods, which allow the selection of Excel Datasheets areas, so that it looks like...
  4. Re: Excel : Reference : Object Model explained ?!?

    Thanks for answering the second question. Although, I do experience often such features (especially when you try to take control over charts and their data).
  5. Excel : Reference : Object Model explained ?!?

    Hi there,

    Im trying to develop some Add-In for Excel (+ PPT) however, I often cannot understand the meaning / purpose of some of the object model methods and properties. Searching for the right ...
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    Re: C# : Chart.SetSourceData -> Exception

    Thanks for replying.

    I always thought that "A3","D5" the address of the range is, not the values ...

    How can I make sure it is part / not part of the PIA ? Do you have any reference ?
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    C# : Chart.SetSourceData -> Exception

    Hallo there,

    I would appreciate help on two questions :

    1) what could be the reason for this line to throw an exception :

    range = worksheet.get_Range("A3", "B4");...
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