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  1. Re: VBA Transform Data into Excel Table(No Repetitive Header and Future Expandable)

    It seems like what you are asking for could be done with a pivot table. Try putting your data from 1) into a pivot table then putting type into rows and supplier into columns
  2. Re: Help needed to make VBA loop more efficient - needs to handle a lot of data

    Not sure if you still care, but assuming you are still working this issue, this code should be significantly faster. You will just need to update the findNamesAddress for each run.

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    Re: active workbook name - new workbook name?

    I went ahead and setup an add-in file that will function like your first post described -- msgboxing name of any workbook that is opened.
    You can download it from the link below.
    To get it to...
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    Re: active workbook name - new workbook name?

    It looks like your code is functioning like it should.

    The below event only fires when the workbook it is located in is opened (it is a workbook level event). Since yours is in personal.xls, it...
  5. Re: VBA to find rows with specific text and count the zeros

    Does it need to be a macro?

    You could use an array formula to do this in a helper column.

    If your data has sub-total in column d, and you wanted to counted the zeros in columns e-h you...
  6. Re: Run many large update queries in the right order one at a time possible?

    You absolutely can do that.

    fast foward to 3:40 in the below video
  7. Re: VBA to copy data from multiple workbooks into one sheet if condition met

    I'm not sure how comfortable you are with coding, but my advice would be to code it this way (pseudo code below)

    dim pasteRow as long 'will keep track of next unused row on main sheet for...
  8. Re: extracting data from Multiple tabs into a table by matching text in column

    One way you could do it is to use a free tool called "generic Consolidator" to consolidated the data from all 50 tabs to one tab. Then apply an auto-filter to the consolidated data and filter on...
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    Re: Rearranging Data in Excel

    It looks like what you are trying to do is called unpivot. If you have excel 2016+ you can use the built in power query to do this I think -- I've never done it, but you should be able to google it....
  10. Re: If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...

    I never new Chip, but he and his work were a good influence on my life. I'm sorry for my late condolences -- I've managed to recently visit his site before ever even reading this sad news.
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    Re: Run Access Macro from Excel

    In order to rule out whether it is a library reference issue, try late binding the access app.

    Just change your one line of code:

    Dim AccDB As Access.Application


    Dim AccDB As object
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    Re: Speed Up Formula for +3000 rows

    Have you worked with arrays in VBA yet?

    If not, that is what you should start researching.

    Since excel 2007 and beyond, cycling through cells in a range has been extremely slow, so the best...
  13. Thread: userform help

    by =ODIN=

    Re: userform help

    I feel like i'm missing something here. Is there anything stopping you from using vlookup in your code to get the email associated with comboBox1's value?
  14. Re: combining texts (many many cells) in a smart way. Guidance needed!

    If you have excel 2016 the textjoin function might do this -- I'm not certain because I don't have it.

    I use the Nutilities addin for this myself. If you have excel 2007 and up, you can use it...
  15. Re: Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    It looks like your code was deleting one row at a time. Have you tried applying an autofilter and then deleting all the rows at once?
  16. Re: Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    While you guys are technically correct in that you can’t stop and start a sub while you edit a sheet, you can use a mode less userform with a single button and sub that will simulate the effect. The...
  17. Re: Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    What you are describing can’t be done with a standard excel msgbox. You could manage it with a modeless userform though.
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    Re: Copy and Move files and folders

    I don’t have my computer in front of me to test this, but this might work.

    Try fixing the from path line to this:

    FromPath = “A:\*”
  19. Re: Disagreement between VBA Round & FormatNumber functions

    Just tossing this out there on the off chance that it’s your culprit. Are you using range.value in any of your calc? If so, try changing it to range.value2 and see if it helps.
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    Re: Waiting command button

    I have some convoluted ideas on how to do this with an extra visible:=false button on the form, a global variable, and a helper function... but it seems like way more effort than it's worth.

  21. Re: How to convert Pivot table structure (values) into actual Pivot, or data tab ready for pivot

    I use the Nutilities Addin for this. It's free and available here:

    Once installed, if you hit CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+ENTER in excel, a popup will have a list of tabs showing directions...
  22. Re: Loop over Multiple Arrays Causing Invalid Qualifier Error

    Also, maybe try removing the .value from these 2 lines:

    myEndRecordArray(i).Value = VLookupResult
    myPrintCountArray(i).Value = LookupResult


    myEndRecordArray(i) = VLookupResult
  23. Re: Loop over Multiple Arrays Causing Invalid Qualifier Error

    What are the values of "i" and "VlookupResult" right before the error is thrown?
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    Re: Duplicate Fields in a Pivot Table

    Sorry, your question is too generic for a great answer. However, you Bucket2 sounds like a pivotfield that was manually grouped on your pivot once it was already created.

    Please can you either...
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    Re: VBA Pivot Table Issue

    Sorry, your code is harder to read than one would think, despite all your comments.

    I'm thinking that there are probably 2 possible problems here --

    1. Your code is not passing a correct...
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