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  1. Re: Using variable instead of single file name for export to Excel, based on a form selection

    why not just continue your prior post for the same issue?

    The answer I...
  2. Re: Need to export data to existing Excel file, using variable in the file name

    Doesn't work doesn't help, or so my signature says :wink:
    Posting what you tried is a much bigger help - especially if you copy and paste.
    As mentioned, the code tag button is right on the menu...
  3. Re: Need to export data to existing Excel file, using variable in the file name

    what jumps out is
    - you don't wrap string variables (their names) in quotes, so not "ProjExport & .xlsm" but ProjExport & ".xlsm"
    - there is a space where you probably don't have one, so please use...
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    Re: MS access - generate query visually

    I started on a form that allowed you to specify the table from a combo, which would then enumerate each field other than autonumber id, I think. The idea was to select a field and code would...
  5. Thread: Checkbox issue

    by Micron

    Re: Checkbox issue

    maybe the Access table field is formatted as Yes/No? Not sure if Excel would still do the same if it was True/False. Would probably not if it was integer, which is really the best choice for...
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    Re: Running a "Run All" using Scheduled Task

    One way I have done this in the past was to have TS open the db with a command switch because the pc for this was solely used for the purpose of updating db's in the middle of the night. It was...
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    Re: Volume tracker in access

    cross posted

    see rule 13
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    Re: Running a "Run All" using Scheduled Task

    what should work:
    change Private declaration for button click to Public
    macros must call functions AFAIK, same as toolbars, menubars, ribbon, etc. so in a standard module,
    Function RunSomeCode()...
  9. Re: switching specific coulmns from vertical to horizantal to get one record !

    research crosstab query. If you need to base a report on a crosstab, you may need to worry about making the output columns fixed because the nature of a ct query is such that the number of field...
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    Re: access 2013 button

    You can't - literally speaking. You can set button picture property as you already may realize, but you can't "buttonize" an image. I don't know the max image size allowed on a button, but do know...
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    Re: Audit trail for Unbound forms

    You can probably use temp tables, bind the controls to the temp and use old value property and auditing code. Write record (update) back to main table IF the record is altered and flush the temp...
  12. Re: Lock form on a given time period from adding new records

    In your code that enables/starts the req process, you can compare the current time (using Time function) to your values.
    If Time > #07:00:00 AM# AND Time < #05:00:00 PM#
    or some similar logic.
  13. Re: DLookUp for Search Strings in another table...

    I believe I have seen this before and the determination was that you cannot use a string from a table as criteria in a query. If you create a table with just one where clause string and a new query,...
  14. Re: DLookUp for Search Strings in another table...

    you cannot use DLookup to lookup values based on a sql statement or any part of such as statement. The first parameter must be a field; the second must be a domain. The domain can be a table or...
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    Re: filter subform using cbo box


    Bold has to be the name of the subform control. Possibly they are the same, but not guaranteed that they are.
    Also, if combo does not return a value of Date data type, the...
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    Re: Show all Buttons

    Certainly. You'd loop through all the controls on a form and for those that are command buttons, set their visible property. Assumption made on how you determine if the condition is true (untested):...
  17. Re: Number Serial Numbers in sequential order by order of appearance

    That and your last post suggests that the ranking criteria is probably there - such as date or a combination of other data. I agree with xenou that your approach is most likely not required and may...
  18. Re: How to remove date picker from query fields

    Sounds like you are working in queries, which is really no better than working in tables, which should be discouraged. The safer/better place to work on data is in forms.
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    Re: Select A Textbox

    Is there a naming problem here? Probably not, as
    Issue_To_Floor_Work_Order is the actual name, I suppose. If the control is disabled or locked you can't set focus to it.

    Not being much of a...
  20. Re: Is what I want even possible? *Warning - long post*

    As to your first question - if you can conceive it, someone can, without a doubt, build it. However, the learning curve for building something like this that "sorta works" is not nearly as long as it...
  21. Re: Show all records of Main form in the subform instead of just one

    Technically I don't think this is possible. A subform view doesn't show "all the records". It only shows records that are related to the ONE record in the main form, and a main form doesn't show "all...
  22. Re: Query - Filter out multiple bar codes to show only 1 bar code per product.

    Be very careful with Last or First - it seldom works the way many would expect. Do not use it on an un-ordered set of records or you run the risk of getting what you think is Last sometimes, and...
  23. Re: One Form, Multiple Query Sources (but not at the same time)

    Glad I was able to help. It's nice to hit the nail on the head once in a while.
  24. Re: Combine different lines to display beside each other

    After reviewing my post I see that it could be construed that it was directed to the OP but is wasn't. Whenever I have my doubts I look at the thread cookies at the top to see where the post is. Can...
  25. Re: DMin function on an Access 2016 form to find lowest value in multiple controls

    Boy, a lot can happen here overnight! Sorry for the Max thing - got my wires crossed from a post on another forum. Some things worth noting, I think:
    For future posts, "didn't work" never helps...
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