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    Re: VBA Loop if then

    Thank you very much Dante, that's exactly what I am after.. love your work.

    there's only 1 issue, and that is for example in sheet Map the Value Raw2 appears twice in column A, it looks up against...
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    VBA Loop if then

    Hi all.

    Appreciate some help in writing a loop macro to do a task. I am trying to find every position number that doesn't have the correct mapping Manager position number to copy the row from raw...
  3. Week number for Financial year 1/07/2018 to 30/06/2019


    In column A I have dates, in column B i am trying to find the week number for that date. I am referring to the date as the Australian financial year. Considering the 1st of July is the start...
  4. Find the value corresponding to the latest day for a given week


    I would appreciate any help as its been so long for my trying to figure out a way for this and i'm stuck.

    I am trying to lookup sum value in column O where Column B is the highest day for...
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    Max lookup formula


    I am trying to get the value in column $R in sheet Data where the highest date in Data sheet column B is within the weekly monday date selected in sheet1 $C$9 and sheet1 $H$30= anywhere in...
  6. Re: Remove before first blank and after " ("

    wow that works, how did you manage that? i'd love a basic explanation. what was the first step you took to put the two together?

    so if i was tp put that in a macro that autofills from the first...
  7. Remove before first blank and after " ("


    Im trying to have the below two formulas combined so that i can remove the first part of text before space and last of a text in same cell after " (".

    appreciate any help.

    text in...
  8. Re: Copying Last month's files to a different location

    Hello, thank you for your reply.

    I have tested the code and its not moving any files. just opens a command window (Black window) and close.
  9. Re: Copying Last month's files to a different location

    Thank you very much for replying and your effort in testing. how would i include this in my code? which part would that sit under?

  10. Copying Last month's files to a different location


    I am trying to build a macro that will move last month's files to a different location.

    files names are BDP_171002.CSV to BDP_171031.CSV. These files are generated based on weekdays.

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    define Path in inspect element


    I have the current path to clicking a button in a website. is there a way I can define this path to click on, e.g. getelementbyid?

    $x('//*[@id="header"]//div[text()=" Extract Reports "]')...
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    if formula with Multiple Arguments


    I currently have a dormula that im using to calculate tiers.

    the overall ranking can start from from 1 to 1000. in column L.

    Tiering is 1 to 4.

    Cell E1 is 1, cell F1 is 150 cell G1...
  13. Look for date and insert columns same format as previous column.


    I am trying the below macro. however this macro only inserts one column on the first found date. I have two cells with same date which am trying to insert columns after the found cell. would...
  14. Re: Find Lastcolumn Vlookup and filter field.

    Appologies for not pasting the full code.

    Please find below full code. managed to get the filter working on the lastcol by taking off the quotes. Thank you. but still cant do auto fill for the...
  15. Find Lastcolumn Vlookup and filter field.

    Hi I am using below code to Vlookup last column and then filter last column and delete any rows if NA. however my code on Vlooup and last column seem to be incorrect.

    Appreciate any help.

  16. internet explorer drop down button click


    I have a code that uses the mouse coordinates to click on a button on a website. unfortunately this is not the best option as resolution can be different on every PC hence the cursor...
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    VBA Dropdown button click


    I have a button that I would like to click on in internet explorer but I cant write a code for it. appreciate anyone's help.

    this is the inspect element for the button.
  18. VBA Mouse movement based on screen resolution


    I have a internet explorer site which am trying to download Excel reports from.

    The easiest way I have found is to use the mouse movement and click. my code workd perfectly on my screen...
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    Re: CopyFromRecordset rs in a sentence

    Thanks Rory this is it. you're a legend. It works perfectly. I tried every possible way except that :). appreciate it.
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    CopyFromRecordset rs in a sentence


    I am trying to include a date from Access database as part of a scentence in a cell range. appreciate any help on how to incorporate this within my current code.

    Dim db As...
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    If Formula for Dynamic Column cells


    I would appreciate any help in writing my code below using the If formula for Dynamic Column.

    Dim thisweek22 As Range
    Set thisweek22 = Cells(173, lastcolumn)
    Set G =...
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    IfError Formula in Macro


    I am trying the below macro but I don't know how to place the variable range within the Iferror Formula.

    Appreciate any assistance.

    Sub Update_Formulas()
    LastColumn = Cells(6,...
  23. Vlookup external file that changes date and folder


    I'm using the below code to complete a simple Vlookup external workbook. however I get Runtime error on the Vlookup. the workbook is located and opened based on month and today's date and then...
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    If and Sumifs Combined

    Hi I have a formula below which I am trying to get total in sheet "total" cell I16, of column R in Old Sheet where Column AA doesn't include 1 or #N/A minus same thing in New sheet, If Cell B1 in...
  25. Move Copy specific sheets from one workbook variable name workbook to another fixed name workbook


    I have a workbook called "0161231_Leave Report". this report has 9 sheets. I would like to move 7 of those sheets to 7 Workbooks. the name of these 7 workbooks doesn't change.

    I would like...
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