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    Re: Stupid Scientific Category

    During the EXPORT process, is their a choice to save the file?
    If so, during the save, is there an option to use a different format?

    Exporting to Excel (xls, xlsx) is different than Importing by...
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    Re: email & attachment

    This should work only with the OUTLOOK client, not the Web Version of Outlook.
    I would not use the ".TO = ..." line myself so that it remains more flexible. I did add it so you would see how.
  3. Re: Formula to sum based on multiple criteria -For subscription revenues

    SUMIFS is the base function to use
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    Re: Auto Filter Pivot table

    Use your ranges to assign the Projects to a Group. Then use that Group as a Slicer field to easily switch between the different Groups to be displayed. You still could have any group displayed in ...
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    Re: Top 10% Salaries

    I would have two Pivot Tables, one for each question.
    Filter by the desired Top 10 (Bottom 10) which is more flexible than its name suggest.
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    Re: VBA auto email

    Check Ron Debruin for some email code.
    However, your flow of the process will have the email sent before any comment is entered. Be careful as to what and when the email will be created by the...
  7. Re: Excel large sheet: Want to bring right side coloumns visible when needed

    Your premise would require either Freeze Panes or Split just for starters.... or you have to write VBA for each and every case you want to display where you would Hide the columns you do not want to...
  8. Re: Calculating Hours Worked and breaks taken

    It is likely that to meet record keeping standards for break-times, you should be clocking/recording those break times instead of the calculation you are attempting.
    Deducting a break time that an...
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    Re: Looking to make custom Ribbon buttons

    You can add any existing buttons or commands to a custom Ribbon or any Macros to a Ribbon as Buttons.
    You can also set what is the primary Ribbon by changing the order the ribbons appear.
    You are...
  10. Re: Save same sheet to PDF multiple times - is it possible?

    You are constrained by the capabilities of Excel (and the Microsoft VBA.) Neither the MS Export to PDF nor the Print to PDF function in Excel has the ability to Append the file.
    You are better off I...
  11. Re: Distinct Count based on given criteria

    Your Counting the uniques. And then SUMing the uniques. That seems redundant. But the redundancy doesn't show itself because the ARRAY part is evaluated before the SUM function is evoked, so it is...
  12. Re: Pivot Table Error: Can Count but not Sum

    There is at least one occurrence of non-numeric data.
  13. Re: Distinct Count based on given criteria

    Why SUM?
    Use COUNTIFS instead of COUNTIF
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    Re: Finding Difference Between Two Times

    For the Format of the total time, is the formatting
    [h]:mm:ss ?
  15. Re: VBA Help creating a .txt file - Issue with 0's and decimals

    You would need to have all values set as text before outputting to the TXT file.
    However, you might end up with an issue of quotation marks in the file.
  16. Re: Creating a Compound Table for a Variable Term


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    Re: Cannot Sum Days, Hours and Minutes

    You can evaluate the results to text.

    =INT(A1)+0&" Days " & TEXT(MOD(A1,1),"h") & " Hours and " & TEXT(MOD(A1,1),"m") & " Minutes"
    Where A1 would be the the SUM() of time values
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    Re: Cannot Sum Days, Hours and Minutes

    The trick isn't adding the values, but making sure the formatting displays the days part. Exceeding 31 days in time/date formatting restarts due the months!
    Even your sample is subject to this...
  19. Re: Counting average number of unique outputs

    AVERAGE of COUNTS is not a built in feature of Pivot Tables. You will have to go to PowerPivot/DAX formulas to feed a Pivot Table via data model.
    You could also go old-school with an array-formula...
  20. Re: Filtered dataset / sort / hidden columns

    If the hidden columns are in the range of data being filtered, yes. Or if the range has been converted to a Table, yes.
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    Re: Time and Duration

    In Excel, the TIME portion of a date/time value is the decimal part of a number representing the number of days since "Jan 0, 1900"
    So any conversions must consider that in the...
  22. Re: Excel Automatically Changing General to Date

    I would bet its PAX.
    At some point the cell, or column is given a date value or a date format to the cell or column which Excel is then trying to maintain to be "helpful"
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    Re: 10% Time Improvements

    Decimal time...??

    Format as "H:MM:SS" or "MM:SS"

  24. Re: Can pivot tables in worksheet be shared in another excel workbook and changes dynamically?

    Use a Query to link the data and have the single Pivot Table in that.
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    Re: change column headings to inches

    You need to in Page Layout View
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