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  1. Can I check if all excels in a folder have been given password protection?

    First, I am not trying to crack any passwords. I am, instead, trying to make sure that a large folder of excels all have been password protected. Obviously, the issue with something like the below is...
  2. Using Top Values to export a range of records

    I have a very large table of 3 million records that I need to export out of ACCDB in chunks of 500k records at a time.

    They are sorted in a particular order so their Primary IDs are not...
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    Re: access equivalent to Text function

    Nevermind. It is just Format(string, format) like in VBA.
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    access equivalent to Text function

    I have a db filed with numbers stored as strings. I need to convert them to 9 characters but some had their leading zeroes trimmed off at some point.

    So, 012345678 became 12345678.

    I would...
  5. VBA script not writing to field as expected

    I am using the VBA below to try to update the FirstName, LastName and MiddleName to a table. Everything seems to be working except when I try to write the string values to the record set.

  6. Re: Best Way to Deduplicate Records but leave one

    Thanks. The problem is that even deduplicated it is over 2MM rows. I ended up building a new table and appending the uniques to it.
  7. Re: Best Way to Deduplicate Records but leave one

    I took a look but I am not sure how that would remove the dupes?
  8. Best Way to Deduplicate Records but leave one

    I have an extremely large table (4.8MM records) that is the result of users importing excels with the same format into this table. From what I can tell, there are a significant number of duplicates...
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    Re: Select distinct but return all fields

    Let me try again.

    I can run this:

    Select Distinct Table.[Identifier]
    From Table.[Identifier]

    Which returns me a unique list of each Identifier in my Table.

    However, I want to return a...
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    Re: Select distinct but return all fields


    No. All other fields values are not the same. I have a primary key (ID). I would be happy just to return the first instance of value (sorted on ID).

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    Re: Select distinct but return all fields

    Thanks. I have Table where one field is an identifier. I want to return one instance of each identifier. The table also contains other fields (DOB, city, state, etc). I don't care about those fields...
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    Select distinct but return all fields

    I want to select a single distinct example based on one field in a table. Something like:

    Select table.*
    From (Select distinct table.[country] from table)
    Where( . . . .)

    Is this possible in...
  13. Find text in a cell that is a different font color

    Someone went through a workbook and changed the font within cells (NOT the whole cell) to a different color. I need to capture all the text with a different font color (yellow). I can use this if i...
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    Re: Add Hyperlinks

    Nevermind. I am an idiot. This works fine. My array p() was the problem.
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    Add Hyperlinks

    Where ws is a worksheet and LR is the last row, I am trying to add a hyperlink to another location (asheet.cel.Address). The text to display is an array of data that I am trying to find.

    When I...
  16. Paste only last four characters of a string

    I have some folks who need to consolidate information spread across 1000 of spreadsheets into one master sheet. I could write a vba solution for some of the workbooks but they are all in different...
  17. Re: Out of Memory when loading huge range into an array

    That's what I am doing and it is causing the out of memory error
  18. Out of Memory when loading huge range into an array

    I am comparing the used range on every worksheet on two workbooks to find cells that were changed. Some of these worksheets have a massive range:


    When I try to load this into an...
  19. Re: Compare every cell of every worksheet in two workbooks

    I figured this out. Now to figure out how to tell if a whole worksheet is missing.



    For Each w In oWB.Sheets
    Set r = w.UsedRange
    rAdd = r.Address
  20. Compare every cell of every worksheet in two workbooks

    I am trying to track down changes between 120 pairs of workbooks (that should be identical but someone changed some data).

    I have a list of filePaths for both workbooks. Plan is to open both,...
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    Delete previous versions of an excel

    I have some excels that are showing previous versions.

    Can these be deleted?

    Also, if I send those excels to another user, can they see the previous versions?

    I have search for anything...
  22. Excel Find and Replace formatting still running even after Clear Replace Format is set

    I was trying to find and replace certain text with bold/underline. I originally was trying to use the Replace Format option in the Ctrl-H Find and Replace tool. But, it replaced all the text in a...
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    Re: Vlookup and Pivot table maybe?

    Do what with vlookup? What are you are trying to do?
  24. Any way to auto-hide rows without using VBA? Conditional formatting?

    I know how to hide rows using a Worksheet_Change module. But, the end user is worried about the workbook being file type xlsm.

    So, looking to avoid a macro solution if at all possible.

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    text won't convert to a number

    I have some values like this: Cluster_0052.001.1

    I want the numeric portion. I used a formula that worked for most of them =RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-8)*1. However, there are about a 1000 where this...
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