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  1. Can you use text in a cell to define a worksheet?

    I would like to know if it is possible to use text from a cell to define a worksheet name within a vlookup?

    I have a power query with item product codes, each product code has its own worksheet...
  2. Hyperlink issues - Hyperlinking cell that is part of a query

    Morning All,

    I'm looking for a little advice on hyperlinks,

    I have a list of items within a table which has been drawn from a source file as a query.

    I have attempted to hyperlink the...
  3. Replies

    Excel Queries to create a matrix?

    Good Afternoon All,

    I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet matrix with a "item name" on the Y axis and "Gift Name" on the X axis. Each gift comprises a number of items within one gift.

  4. How to - Drop down dynamic list - Data from table in source file within another workbook

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice on how to create a dynamic drop down list in one workbook (The list values are one column within a table in another workbook)

    If i click...
  5. Re: Multiple IF (Nested If Statement) returning false as value when false

    Hi Rory,

    Thanks for such a fast response, it works!

    Is there an easy way to learn the order of operations on things like this, e.g. the two brackets with no commas for blank result, which...
  6. Multiple IF (Nested If Statement) returning false as value when false

    Good Morning,

    I'm new to the forum and trying to brush up on my Excel skills to improve efficiencies with my daily work tasks.

    I'm just starting to learn about multiple if / if and statements...
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