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    Re: Split Salary Report Formulas

    whih formula you are having problems with?
  2. Re: excel/word select all then delselect certain items

    left click and drag across the area to select
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    Re: Time greater than

    So, on your sheet Bid Results in column Z some of the rows have OFF rather than a time and your array formula is evaluating those cells as greater than 11 and returning the rows as a result.
  4. Re: Updating values between 2 different spreadsheets by 2 different users

    if you are able to leave both workbooks in the same location folder and give permission for the other locations to share you might get better results, just a thought.
  5. Re: Stop Excel from Opening in Full Screen Mode (Office 365)

    open excel, minimize or reduce the workbook to the size you want i.e half screen or other and close. excel remembers then reopen
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    Re: Compare two worksheets

    Im not real good with VBA bur looking at your code and going back to my MS DOS days I see you are using c & d for both, if you are looking to for/next count data and make it equal to c twice in the...
  7. Re: Complete an Excel Sheet from Address Data taken from rows (lines)

    are you looking for in cell drop downs on second sheet to help sort data or some VBA to run and strip out certain columns of data and if you already have the information on a sheet can you just...
  8. Re: If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Pearson,

    I just like thousands of others have benefitted from Chip's site and his kindness. I created a backup program at work (for an old program) using Chip's help via emails...
  9. Re: Cell to remain blank if another cells contain no data

    with your workbook open click on File, then down to Options, then Advanced, scroll from there about 3/4 of the way down and look for a check box Show a Zero in cells that have a zero value un-check...
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    Re: Hover Over / VS selecting the cell

    This works nicely. I can change the cell color from red to what ever I want. I have to make sure it is only in 'This workbook' Thank you again you should enjoy the brew and bread... :beerchug:...
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    Hover Over / VS selecting the cell

    Hello all,

    I have read these two posts about Hover over and wanted to ask if there have been any updates in excel over the years that might allow this to happen now.
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    Lottery / Programs

    I see there are plenty of people here looking for different ways to randomly pick or perhaps guess lottery numbers using Excel....
  13. Re: Want to lock range of cells after time stamp entered.

    Locking a range of cell is actually changing the cells properties to protected vs unprotected and then locking the entire sheet. select and right click on cells in a range goto properties and...
  14. Re: formula to caculate depedancies and start dates?

    Actual Start Date is in column F if you are calculating F what data are you using? the end date minus duration? not sure what you are trying to populate based on a formula

  15. Re: pattern and shift in even and odd lottery

    If you are working on a spreadsheet for guessing lottery numbers, it seems like you approach is; will the next number be odd or even? that only cuts your 'chances' in half you might want to look at...
  16. Re: How to find the 5th occurrence and return the date and location information?

    When I looked at this post Eric W had not posted yet, by the time I hit post quick reply he had, and he had a better way.

    dang slow internet....
  17. Re: How to find the 5th occurrence and return the date and location information?

    A quick way would be to simply click on Unique ID and then go to the Data tab and select Filter.

    You can then select the ID you want and count down five. That's quick but not what you want.
  18. Re: Applying a set value to columns until the value is reached


    I think this might be what you are looking for

    =IF(IF(SUM($B$3:B3)<$B$1," No Invoice ",$B$1-SUM($B$3:B3))<0,"",IF(SUM($B$3:B3)<$B$1," No Invoice ",$B$1-SUM($B$3:B3)))
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    Re: Predicting an IRR

    Using Microsoft Excel:

    Finding the IRR using Excel is fairly straight forward.

    1. First, type the initial cash flow into any cell on the spreadsheet. Keep in mind this initial investment...
  20. Re: Conditional format based on another cell's formatting (eg fill / background color)

    can you use the same 'Condition' to format the second cell.
  21. Re: Applying a set value to columns until the value is reached

    try placing something like this =IF(SUM($B$3:B3)<$B$1," No Invoice ",SUM($B$3:B3)-$B$1) in B4 and drag to the right. see if that is what you are looking for ~DR
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    Re: Predicting an IRR

    us this to help
  23. Re: VBA function to sum Cell which contain cell and text based on cell backgound color

    Here is a Function approach

    and here is a link for more ways
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    Re: Formula not finding answer

    your formula works fine for me I copied your table to a new sheet and your formula. not sure why yours is not working
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    Re: Conditional text orientation

    Perhaps with VBA the text alignment could be "0"ed when the cell height / width changed below a certain point to try and keep the text readable but that is above my abilities at this point.
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