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  1. Re: Pasting linked range or chart from Excel to PowerPoint

    Much appreciated, Yongle. Works for me.
  2. Pasting linked range or chart from Excel to PowerPoint

    I'm having trouble finding an example of the method of pasting a range or chart from Excel into PowerPoint as a linked object. A link would be great.

    Thanks y'all.
  3. Re: Calculate Day Name in a Month and then Average

    You can find two solutions here and here.
  4. Re: Reference table using cell value in INDEX/MATCH formula


    Thanks so much. It wasn't precisely what I needed, but it was dang close!

    Here's my final formula:

  5. Reference table using cell value in INDEX/MATCH formula

    I'm putting together a master list of phone numbers across the US. In order to keep things neat, each state is on a different sheet. Rather than change the formula 50x, I'm curious how I could...
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    Re: Average or occurrences help needed

    Not sure how accurate you need to be with your average calculation, but to average rates you need to use the harmonic mean not arithmetic mean.
  7. Re: Excel related, but not formulas or visual basic

    That is strange!! I'm afraid you've just outstripped my usefulness!!!
  8. Re: Sub quits on Dropdown.OnAction assignment

    Thank you! What was gacking it up was the fact I was attempting to both create the shape and assign it to a dropdown in the same line. Separating them into two lines made it work.

    Thanks again.
  9. Sub quits on Dropdown.OnAction assignment

    I'm running a sub from PERSONAL.XLSB that assigns a DropDown to the active sheet. Below is how it's being assigned.

    Dim ddFilterDropDown As dropdown
    ' Add a new filter dropdown
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    Re: Sheet codename order in VBE

    Fluff is correct; I was looking at the VBE Projects window.

    Appreciate the feedback.
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    Sheet codename order in VBE

    I have a large number of worksheets (>200) and because Excel places the sheets in order of codename and because the codenames are alphanumeric, I wind up with an order like Sheet1, Sheet100,...
  12. Converting all files that can be read by MS Word into TXT files

    The goal is to convert any file that can be read by MS Word and convert it directly (and hopefully quickly) into a text file. I swear I had this working at one point but it's certainly not working...
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    Loop thru UNSAVED open text files

    So I do a report where I "download" a number of text files but I do not save them. My goal is to loop thru all open text files, copy the contents, and based on the filename (which I would have to...
  14. Re: (Re-)assigning VBA Editor Shortcut Keys

    Apologies for the late response. My issue is that I want to program a shortcut key within VBE to run a custom sub; given your example, I could conceivably (recognizing this would be a terrible idea)...
  15. (Re-)assigning VBA Editor Shortcut Keys

    I understand how to assign shortcut keys in Excel, but I'm coming up blank on how to run a Sub while in the VBE using a shortcut key.

    Thanks y'all.
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    Re: Assign Code to Numbers

    If you have "millions of records," may I recommend using an array instead of either a UDF (Rick's suggestion) or theBardd's formula; both of these will take an inordinate amount of time and no...
  17. Re: Calculating months if all days count (DATEDIF)

    I don’t know this formula very well, but it seems that someone else had a similar problem with inclusive dates. Perhaps this will help.
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    Re: Running total that resets

    I figured out the answer to question 2; and assumed that it was a string output. Still don't know what's going on in series 178.

    In case this is handling a large dataset, I used arrays instead of...
  19. Re: Counting number of text strings in a cell

    If each country is separated by a delimiter (in this case a comma), this formula will count the number of delimiters plus 1.


    Never mind - I...
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    Re: Running total that resets

    I have some code that I think will work, but my output is a little different than yours.

    For one, are the values in column E a single concatenated string of the boxes or does each box (A, B, C,...
  21. Re: Index(Match) Issue being annoying/dumb

    Sounds like a refresh problem.

    Does this address it?
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    Re: Workbook Name

    That’s actually a straight forward fix. Instead of defining the new name as you assign it to the file name, simply assign it to a string variable first. That way you can put it in the file name and...
  23. Thread: sequence

    by Dr. Demento

    Re: sequence

    There are some details you haven't covered about the final format you'd like, but here's one solution
    The first time a new person's name is listed, hardcode their number (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc). In...
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    Re: Work book Name

    Using the code linked to the SEND button, you must have some code that indicates the new file location. By appending that with the following, it should get you close to what you need.

  25. Re: Excel related, but not formulas or visual basic

    Not sure why it's doing it, but if you put the following code in your PERSONAL.XLSB file, it will loop thru all open workbooks and make them visible when Excel opens.

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()...
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