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    VBA Summary in excel

    I have a table with repeated and data I need to add up from those repeated names. I have some vba code that summarizes the data from all worksheets, but only gets the first match of the name, and I...
  2. Excel summary from 4 tables in the same sheet

    I have an excel sheet that has 4 tables, one below the other, and they have a set of names and costs in certain columns.
    I need to make a summary, that includes the four tables in all the sheets in...
  3. VBA code that returns a unique list of non consecutive items, for a lookup value from a table

    I need some vba code, that will return a list of unique non consecutive items from a table, when a certain value changes in one of the sheets.
    I have been trying with this formula, but I have had no...
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    Dynamic slicer

    I wish to create a measure, so I can dynamically populate a slicer, but the slicers don't accept a measure as input, so I don't know what to do.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Dynamic Slicer from pivot table

    I have a pivot table and I wish to be able to make a slicer and in another list select the column that will populate the slicer.
    right now I have a test table, that I will leave in the description....
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    Export all sheets as XLSX

    I want to export all sheets as xlsx with vba, and save that macro in the personal workbook.
    I searched online for some code and then I modified it, so that I could select the folder in which I want...
  7. Re: Use vlookup of index match to retrieve values in multiple sheets

    This is what I needed, thanks.
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    Vlookup in multiple sheets

    I want to make a vba function that looks for a value from a range in sheet "Data", and looks for all the values in column A of that sheet in all of the following sheets. if a match is found, a...
  9. Use vlookup of index match to retrieve values in multiple sheets

    I need to make a macro, that looks for a value from data sheet, in all the sheets in the workbook, and if it's is found, it will add that value found with the next, and after all the values are...
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