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    Re: ClearContents doesn't always work

    Sorry about the cross-posting. As you can see, I don't post often so didn't know the rules very well. I won't make this mistake again.

    Thank you very much, MARK858. Adding the sh. before...
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    ClearContents doesn't always work

    Using Excel 2016, I have a yearly workbook that is broken in to months, quarters, and year-to-date worksheets. At the start of each fiscal year (April to March), I want to give the user the...
  3. Re: Locking and unlocking cells based on value in another cell

    Apologies. Code below works.

    In the same spreadsheet I now also need to check if the user enters "Closed" or "Transfer" in column R. If they do, then I need to lock cells in columns S, T and U...
  4. Re: Locking and unlocking cells based on value in another cell

    I've been able to get this piece of code to work for unlocking/locking one cell based upon the value of another cell in a spreadsheet, but I'm having challenges trying to unlock/lock multiple...
  5. How can I paste into locked cells on a protected sheet?

    I have a protected sheet which has some cells that are locked and some that are unlocked. The locked cells are formulas I don't want changed. I want the user to be able to copy a row and then...
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