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    Re: GS! Barcodes

    That's GS1-128 barcodes?

    They have a structure: to build the barcode
    Start Code
    Function Codes
    etc etc

    These are product barcode I think, and can be quote long in length

    The code broken...
  2. Re: VBA: data label text is being cut off

    First I would check the printer as its not stated here, and that the drivers are correct

    Labels are beasts at best.

    Next check that the driver is set to the correct label stock, with the gap,...
  3. Re: Opening embedded PDFs in Excel 2016

    Worth checking PDFs open on outside of embedding
    If this fails, check the Default PDF Viewer and make sure AR DC is default

    That file association, to PDF = AR DC

    If you have added the icon...
  4. Re: Cannot find this file. Verify the path and file name are correct

    Long as you have server access permission, something like this might help

    Sorry unable to test as this is x64 and the code will not play nicely


    Option Explicit
  5. Re: Excel command button works on my computer, but not others

    Couple Ideas:

    Command button called code in Personal' macros not the workbook, so the codes not there
    Open the workbook on a different PC and see if you can see the code

    Security settings on...
  6. Re: Cell Value with a different number displaying

    About all i can thing of without data is:


    Change A1 to the target cell

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    Re: print as pdf

    This might be worth changing, prints only sheet 2 without selection etc


    myFILE_NAME = InputBox("Type File Name Here")

    '// juik - Save the Worksheet as PDF - takes few...
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    Re: print as pdf

    This should get you started, please feel free to test and post any question

    Sorry the codes a little rushed


    Option Explicit
    '/// Jack in the UK
  9. Re: Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Hey Mark, thanks for the reply

    Just read read that, and was ment to be pointed at myself generally, no one else. What you say is correct, well 'unless' like me you execute in the immediate window...
  10. Re: Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Hi Mark, its just a different approach. I am no fan of very short codes for most my the aim is to give readers starting blocks, something to play with,.edit, change etc the given code to assist...
  11. Re: Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Offering a different approach that's all - giving a complete procedure/code rather that one liners

  12. Re: Looking for a faster way to find and replace

    Sub NtoBlank()
    '// jiuk - Removes "ALL" # characters in active sheet

    Const myFIND As String = "#"
    Const myREPLACE As String = ""

    Dim Target_Sheet As Worksheet
    Dim Target_RANGE As Excel.Range...
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    Re: error code 424

    Option Explicit

    Public Sub Mijneersteprogramma()

    Const myTEXT As String = "Enter Waarde"

    Range("B2") = InputBox(myTEXT)
    Range("B3") = InputBox(myTEXT)
    Range("b4") = InputBox(myTEXT)...
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    Re: It was twenty years ago today...

    Hi Bill, well 20 years and counting, so much has happened and so many great people world wide have come and gone and luck and float around the place

    Had great fun on this web site for sure and few...
  15. Re: Macro working in windows 10 but not windows 7

    Debug your code and highlight where it fails

    16 will have different syntax to 10, same goes for x64 (horrid VBA that has) again differences

    If your going to program VBA in Office x86 all the...
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    Re: Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Home

    To be fair you should be ok (Bare metal, vanilla - not UG over the top), that said I expect you know what your doing here and are to that level to understand the following. Or please do not do this,...
  17. Re: Cannot access workbook using full path of the file

    Hey Fluff

    Don't worry I am going rather slightly crazy these days, too much work on so many different systems and hardware!
  18. Re: Cannot access workbook using full path of the file

    That path is not the full path, what you have there is known and UNC

    Try hardcode (hardcode) the full path etc and see if that is better assumes you have rightful access (privileges to the network...
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    Re: PDF Extract

    Not really an Excel question, thou it is true you can program Excel via VBA to so PDF work

    Check you can edit the PDF (You may only have PDF reader thou)

    To fragment 1x PDF to 50x PDF...
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    Re: Macro to rename worksheet

    Something else to try


    Dim Name_INPUT As String

    Name_INPUT = InputBox(Prompt:="Type Sheet Name please" & vbNewLine & "Any other Information here")
  21. Re: Opening Excel File always as READ / WRITE

    The syntax you require is

    Workbooks.Open myfile, IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended:=True

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    Re: What Comes Next after Excel

    next step probably will be Access and SQL they your know where you want to go / do
  23. Re: Microsoft Word (2016) Printing comments with the name showing

    spot on yes "" Often happen in AD and Email as someone's set search and surname first """" This is the IT departments doing

    Well done, glad your sorted - if things change back as sometimes they...
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    Re: Highlight Selected Cells

    All good thanks for posting back... open a test workbook and havea play and have some fun. Post in a new thread if you have any other questios

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    Re: VBA Custom Ribbon Tab Buttons

    decadence Ok i get what your doing

    so the user list and Passwords are stored where? Excel will struggle to pull them back from AD and you will need to know all of these details

    ie Jack logs in...
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