Bill “MrExcel” Jelen and have teamed up to bring you yet another Great Webcast – “Power Excel and Essential Skills for Finance Executives“.  Note that, “Those who register prior to the Webcast will each receive a copy of Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010 from MrExcel

Here is a brief look at the Webcast agenda for October 31st, 2011:

•How to create perfect charts in a single keystroke

•The ins and outs of pivot tables

•How to add thousands of subtotals in seconds

•How to do two-way lookups, both vertical and horizontal

•How to power up your IF statements

•How to do faster filtering

•And many other tips and tricks that will enable your finance team to use Excel more quickly and efficiently.

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"Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010 from MrExcel" by Bill Jelen