VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 is moving along and Bill brings us another use of VLOOKUP combined with the ‘Consolidate Function’ in Episode #1535 of the ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’ Video Podcast Series. Also, Save The Date: March 29th, 2012 beginning at 2PM EDT! Bill will be presenting a VLOOKUP Webcast on CFO.com! Be sure to register for this event! For more information, Click The CFO Information Page Link Here.


Welcome toVLOOKUP WEEK 2012! What is VLOOKUP WEEK, you ask? VLOOKUP WEEK is an entire week [March 25th, 2012 through March 31st, 2012] dedicated to one of the greatest yet least used Functions of Microsoft Excel. Check out the VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 Blog! So many folks have already contributed and continue to contribute — with new entries flowing through the Inbox every hour or two! The biggest VLOOKUP Event since… VLOOKUP!