EduPow is a start-up website with a mission to provide affordable learning.

They invite anyone with a passion about any topic to create a 1-hour video course and upload it to EduPow. Of course, I am passionate about Excel, so I have uploaded several Excel courses to EduPow.


EduPow’s mission is to make learning affordable, so all classes on EduPow are priced at just US $5! You might be thinking… are you crazy? Why would you sell a course for $5? Actually, I think that pricing is about right. Already, QUE sells my 7-8 hour Power Excel class for $39, which works out to about $5 an hour. Sometimes, you don’t need an entire course, so EduPow gives you access to a quick course about one specific topic.

To make things more fun, EduPow is offering me a chance to win a 1/2% stake in their company. That’s right… the course that sells the most between September 1 and September 15 wins an ownership stake in the company. If you want to help me out in this contest, check out my $5 course: Excel Formulas – The Dirty Dozen. Everyone who buys a course before September 15 is in a lucky drawing to win an iPad Mini.

And… why not consider adding your own course to EduPow? Everyone has a hobby where you can teach others. Pull out your cell phone video camera and teach something. It can be a fun way to share your knowledge and make a few bucks along the way.