If you’ve ever felt like:

  • “My Excel reports take way too long to update each month/week”
  • “I spend hours collating and cleaning data, updating formulas and charts and then no one reads my reports anyway, what’s the point?”
  • “If I could just impress the boss I’d get that pay rise/promotion I deserve”
  • “I need to get my Excel skills up to date so I can stand out from the crowd of other job applicants”
  • “I’m not sure how to approach setting up my Excel workbook the right way, so it’s easy to build and maintain”

Free Excel Dashboard Webinar

If you’re not sure what a dashboard is or how these skills might be relevant to you, and help you overcome the challenges above, then you can attend Mynda Treacy’s Free Excel Dashboarding Webinar. The webinar is today, Friday April 17, 2015 at three different times around the world. There are replays this weekend (Yes, it is good enough to take an hour of your Saturday!) and then on Monday and Tuesday.

Over 3000 people attended the previous webinar with glowing reviews. I highly recommend it!

Using just straight Excel, the webinar will teach you how to build a dashboard like this:



Free Excel Dashboard Webinar