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Data Pasted to Excel Starts Splitting at Comma?


          Usually, you grab text from Notepad or Email or a web page, paste to Excel, and it all stays in one column. But…one day, late in the afternoon, the pasted data starts automatically parsing into separate columns!     Here is the deal… I bet you did a Text to(…)

Prevent #N/A! in Excel VLOOKUP


So, you have this nice little =VLOOKUP(A2,$Z$2:$AB$99,3,False) formula. But in order to prevent the #N/A! error when something is not found, you used to have to do the VLOOKUP twice:  =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A2,$Z$2:$AB$99,3,False)),”Not Found”,VLOOKUP(A2,$Z$2:$AB$99,3,False)). This is far simpler starting in Excel 2010: Think about it. Let’s assume you are doing 1000 VLOOKUPs. There are 990 that are(…)

Power Excel Live 2014-2015 Schedule


I am taking my Power Excel seminar back on the road for 2014-2015, hitting many of my favorite cities from the past plus some new cities. If you live near one of these Power Map markers, I would love to see you at a seminar this year. For the complete tour schedule, visit http://www.mrexcel.com/pressappearances.shtml MrExcel tour(…)

Add Any Excel Icon to the QAT


Have you found a great Excel feature that is buried three clicks deep? Make it always be 1 click away by adding it to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) Adding to the QAT is simple: Right-click the icon and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.  

$5 Video Courses at EduPow


EduPow is a start-up website with a mission to provide affordable learning. They invite anyone with a passion about any topic to create a 1-hour video course and upload it to EduPow. Of course, I am passionate about Excel, so I have uploaded several Excel courses to EduPow. EduPow’s mission is to make learning affordable,(…)

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