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On Excel’s 30th Anniversary, Power Query is a Game-Changer


Today, September 30, 2015 is the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Excel. Version 1.0 debuted for the Mac on September 30, 1985. Excel, of course, was not the first spreadsheet program. It was not even the first spreadsheet program from Microsoft, who had released Multiplan a few years earlier. Eventually, though, Excel went on to become(…)

Learn Excel – “Bob Umlas Unwind Alt+Enter in Cell”: Podcast #1837


In today’s Podcast, another guest post by Bob Umlas. Bob has data where someone has used Alt+Enter to put multiple lines in a Cell. He wants to break each of those lines out to a new Cell. This video shows the easy trick. Back

Learn Excel – “Bob Umlas Add Sporadic Totals with VBA”: Podcast #1832


Today, a guest appearance by Excel MVP Bob Umlas. Lets say that you have random chunks of Data and you need to add Back

Learn Excel – “Nested Functions with fx”: Podcast #1831


Rob asks for tips on entering Nested IF functions in Excel. Today in Episode #1831, Bill shows us how to use the Function Arguments dialog box to assist. Back

Learn Excel – “Use Solver with VBA”: Podcast #1830


Haizen has to arrange transport for ‘N’ employees where ‘N’ can be 1 to 500. There are three types of vehicles available with different capacity and different cost. He wants a Formula for Back

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