Excel Quick Tips

Rearrange Just One Row in Excel


You have one row out of place in Excel. Sorting seems like a hassle. Is there a fast way to sling the row to the right place? 1) Select the whole row with Shift+Spacebar 2) While holding down the Shift key, grab the row border and move it to the correct location Note: The SHIFT(…)

Remove Duplicates in Excel


Need to remove duplicates in Excel? Excel 2007 introduced the Remove Duplicates command on the Data tab of the ribbon. 1. Before you start… Make a copy of your data, since the command will delete the duplicate rows. 2. Select one cell in your table 3. Data, Remove Duplicates 4. Initially, all columns are checkmarked.(…)

Wish Excel Had AutoAverage Like AutoSum?


It already does! Open the tiny dropdown arrow next to the AutoSum icon, and you have AutoAverage, AutoMax, AutoMin, and AutoCount! This is one of the tips in Learn Excel 2007-2010 from MrExcel – 512 Excel Mysteries Solved.

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