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Learn Excel – “Fancy Dashboard Fonts”: Podcast #1802


Szilvia Juhasz guest hosts today’s Learn Excel Podcast – how to use fun Fonts in your Excel Dashboards. Back

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Ian wrote in looking for an Array Formula that would build a unique list of managers who Back

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Dueling Excel – “Stock Symbol (Last 2 Words)”: Podcast #1789


It’s Friday and once again time for Dueling Excel, with Mike ‘ExcelIsFun’ Girvin and Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen. Today in Duel #140 we find that – in a Spreadsheet – one Cell has a Security Name, Ticker Symbol and Back

Dueling Excel – “Employees by Department”: Podcast #1788


Today, in Duel #139, Tom would like to do a VLOOKUP to pull all employees for a Back

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